Changing Gears

Speed Racers was out driving the Mach Five, when he seen two guys attacking a woman he jumped the first one but was hit from behind by the second they soon had Speed beaten down, they was mad the lady got away so the first guy we`ll just take it out on YOU.

Speed was in no condition to fight back, a guy grabs Speed`s hair he yells but no sound came out for the other guy had put his cock in Speed`s mouth pulls it out slaps him across the face laughing then sticks it back in the guy takes hold of Speed`s head pushing his cock
down his throat till he came all over Speed`s face.

The second guy told Speed to unzip his pants Speed reached inside pulling out the semi hard cock the guy looked at Speed You Want IT?
don`t you Fag boy Speed didn`t know what came over him he said YES opened his mouth his tongue hung waiting for the now hard cock.

Speed began sucking him his tongue running all over the hard cock
even sucking the guy`s nuts after they had their way with him they left him laying covered with cum Speed drug him self home stood under the shower he tried to forget but it kept coming back .

Speed looked at his own cock it was so hard he jacked off catching the cum in his hand looking at it he began to lick it he fell onto the shower floor saying am a Fag.

Speed tossed and turned in bed, he went took one of the cars in the garage went driving seen a guy along the road asked if he needed a ride he got in the guy sat with his legs opened Speed could see his huge bulge the guy took hold of Speed`s hand put it on his bulge.

Before long the car was parked and Speed`s head was bobbing up and down taking all of his cock Speed was on his knees holding his ass apart waiting for him to fuck him feeling the head going into ass
it burn soon he was taking all of the guy`s cock.

Speed sucked the guy off before he let him go Yes Speed had changed gears .

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