Brandy and Mr. Whiskers whiskers new makeover

As brandy walks around the watering hole she saw no one that peak her interest so she went to the mall she walks around some animals were eating and others were shopping and again no interest she was on the prowl looking for a new boyfriend. But truth be told she was very horney she has not had sex in a long time and playing with herself at night help just a little she has had ben horney before but not like these it seems like everyday that passes by she need sex more and more. She was at that point where she just wanting a boyfriend for sex but she knows that if she did get a boyfriend she can't just have sex right off the bat with hem she has a reputation to protect. She went home climb the tree using the ladder as she get to the top she open the door and went in she close the door things where the same there was one nice thing now she has a bed to sleep in whiskers give it to her. Just as she sits down whiskers walks in hi brandy im going to take a shower do you need it first she shakes her head as she lay down thinking what she should do about her problem. She was thinking about all her ex.'s she could hook up with one of them but once again the same problem it would be a few months before she fuck hem she does not want a booty call. What to do as she got lost in thought about fifteen to twenty minutes have passed that is when whiskers walks in he look good and smells good a idea hit her whiskers if you stay these clean all day when you come home i'll have a surprise for you. As he left the tree house he walk around think what she had planed just as she asked he stayed cleaned when he get home there was a stool with a note on it it just said sit so he sat down brandy he called out i did what you told me to do good she said back her is your reward. She comes out of the bathroom she was wearing that hot red dress with the red shoes she had hot red lipstick on and baby blue eyeliner combining that with her mascara it made her eyes pop whiskers jaw hit the floor. She did that catwalking thing over to hem so what do you think her body was almost in is face the smell hit hem my god he thought she smells so good he had such a hard on he thought it rip through his pants he tried to speak but nothing come out of his mouth. So tell me what you would you do to have these body he looked at her he finally said something anything you want are you sure brandy asks with a little smile knowing she had him yes anything she saw a look in his eye he meant it. Then a idea hit her in all her relationships she was in control of a lot of things but when it come to sex she was always in control she was going to do something she had never done before. Ok whiskers here's the deal you let me give you a makeover where you look good and smell good and you stay that way all the time when me get home i will be you sex slave sex slave he ask. Do's that mean you will do whatever i want yes whiskers whatever you want and as many times as you want now playing with his hair so do we have a deal he did not even have to think about it. Yes we have a deal brandy good she said going back to the bathroom after a few minutes she comes back wearing her nightgown she get's in her bed then looks at hem with a dumbfounded expression on he's face we start the deal tomorrow night goodnight whiskers. She went to sleep knowing what a interesting day tomorrow will be as whiskers wakes up he takes a cold shower to make sure he is not dreaming after the shower he left the treehouse walking around all day when he realized it was night time he get back brandy was waiting for him. There are different shampoos and bodysprasy for you to use and here is the clothes you will be wearing from now on she held up two suits the first one had a black jacket over a light pink shirt and black pants the second suit had a gray jacket over a white shirt and gray pants and shoes that match both suits. He went into the bathroom he turned on the shower he steps into the shower as the water pours down he starts washing his hair and body using a combination of shampoos finding the right smell and doing the same with the bodysprasy. Stepping out of the bathroom walking over to the bed where brandy is setting down she get up from the bed well you do clean up good now remember the deal you break it then no more sex slave. So what do you want me to do as as she said these there was lust in her eyes will he said getting a little nervous i want to see you naked she takes off her pink short-sleeved shirt as it hit the floor brandy breast are a cup sizes her nipples are the same color as her. Next she takes off her purple platform sandals then her red jeans she was not wearing underwear now seeing her slit for the first time now completely naked now i want you to play with yourself she moves back to the bed and sits down she opens her lags. He moves in closer brandy runs her hands all over her body building up the excitement guiding her hand to her slippery entrance she is already wet she was thinking about having sex all day so it is no surprise how wet she was now she rubs her clit gently. Rolling it under her soft paw and slide her fingers further down stroking between her folds her fingers feel good against her slit she tease herself a bit more she build up her excitement even more stroking herself down there teasing her clit from time to time. Her other hand's fingers are clasped around her nipple twisting and squeezing it she sigh it feels good Whiskers was stuck in a trance she picks up the pace she sinks a finger into herself. Indeed she is so wet that her finger goes in smoothly she pull it out just to thrust it back in her other hand leaves her nipple to join the first one between her legs working on her clit now after a while she adds another finger and then one more. Now fucking herself with three fingers in her cunt and the other hand rubbing her clit by now the pleasure starts feeling almost unbearable she shudder every now and then and let out soft moans now getting close to your orgasm her whole body feels hot. It won't take long before she comes she can't take it anymore she frantically fuck herself with her fingers and playing with her clit as fast as she could go she squirms and pants with her mouth open and tongue rolling out. Her hips move almost on there own thrusting against her fingers pushing them deeper she keeps whimpering until finally the pressure gets so strong it pushes her over her limit she comes moaning helplessly and clenching around her fingers in convulsions. Her whole body trembles as she thrown to the peak of pleasure that waves all over her making her let out more moans she pulls out her fingers and let's go of herself now breathing deeply and a bit heavily she has never come like that before maybe because someone was watching her. Whiskers now with hard on takes off he's orange jumpsuit now he was naked as he step closer now how about a blowjob brandy holds he's dick and slowly covers it with her mouth she starts stroking it really softy as she twirls it with her tongue. She uses the tip of her tongue to lick and then deep throats it she moves her head up and down he's shaft making slobbering sounds she then licks he's dick from he's balls up to the dickhead she puts he's dick back in her mouth. Now moving her head back and forth now she was deep throating whiskers he's dick was drenched wet with her saliva i'm gonna cum was all he could say as he shot off a load into the back of her mouth every drop went inside her mouth he steps back now it was time for sex. He climbed into the bad he press he's lips to hers he's tongue finds its way into her mouth soon he's entire length is throbbing inside her tight twat he take a moment to savor the sensation of her vaginal walls rippling wetly around he's cock he stops kissing her so he can place her feet on he's shoulders. He starts moving he dick in and out slowly at first then faster and faster she moans loudly with each stroke now pounding her faster she trembles against hem herpussy was so tight and hot he was going to come again she know he was going to come she has not let anyone come inside her she was he's sex slave and at these point she did not care come in me whiskers i'm yours just then her pussy tightens around he's pumping penis and he's balls release a burst of cum inside her. She finley get relief and she loved being he's sex slave he keep pumping her pussy even after squirting a load inside her she shudders again and gets more active lifting her ass off the bed to meet he's downward trusts. Her pussy keeps gripping and releasing he's dick she moans and thrashes her heard from side to side he press her ankles up against he's shoulders and push he's dick in deeper into her with each thrust. I'm cumming again brandy cries out she grabs he's ass with both hands and squeezes her eyes shut as she climaxes her pussy grips he's cock tightly and he fires off a blast of hot sperm into her womb. Get on all fours she did as she was told now splitting her legs into a ''T'' cum was dripping down her lags as she raises her tail gripping her as for support and with a single thrust he plunge heself into her fiery depths he burys himself the the hilt she rides he's thrusts with her own curvy rhythm he swiftly loses himself into her body breaking into frenzied fucking the bed was squeaking. It hit her an orgasm after orgasm it was too much for hem her walls seem to suck in ever harder as he ride out he's peak losing himself in the grinding of her groins and the luxurious softness of her tail he cums inside her filling up her womb she collapse on the bad. He turns her over looks at her we just started and he continue to fuck you for hours give her orgasm after orgasm and coming in her multiple times as the sun come up both hem and brandy covered in sweat and come was coming out of pussy. As she get up she take a bath as did he now keeping up there new relationship four months have passed she was at the mall with lola boa she caught them after sex i hope you know what you are doing brandy and why are you wearing a sweater in the mall. Just then some weird food was delivered to her lola watch her eat it brandy look at her hay it not that bad plus i have been throwing up in the mornings and the sweater lola asked she then raised her sweater she has a bit of a big belly. Brandy i think you are pregn stop there lola first we are different species second its called biology it just can't happen i don't know lola looks at her mother nature is a med scientist. Look there is a doctor here i go see hem lola says to her as she walks away and when you find out i get to tell you i told you so. After seeing the doctor she went home and waited all day finley a little bird showed up sorry the little bird says i tawt i taw a putty tat the little bird looks down i did i did taw a puddycat. He hands her a piece of paper then fly's away what a weird little yellow bird she opens the paper As the camera zooms out of the planet and what you here is brandy and a loud nooooooooo. As the camera zooms in lola looks at the camera i i telled her so the end

If my next storie is added its called Dave the barbarian sex lessons 101

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