Call of the Dark: Deals (Chapter 2)

Kairi woke in the dark, the feeling of slime and pain mixing in a macabre sensation. At first, she was unsure where she was. It came back to her quickly, making her retch and she crawled over to a corner to heave up what little was in her stomach. How could she do something like that? How could she ENJOY it? It baffled her and yet she remembered the pleasure so clearly.

The door to the dungeon opened up, a light filling the room. Kairi tried to cover her nude form, grime and cum covering the nudity a little. It was a flimsy gesture, but Kairi was trying to preserve any shred of dignity she could grasp.

"Such a proud little princess this is, who has been brought so low." The voice was a female's, soft and silky, though with a hint of malice behind it. She was taking pleasure in Kairi's predicament. "Would the little girl like to get out of this nasty dungeon and get clean?"

Kairi bristled at the name-calling, but she did want to get out of the filth. She nodded slowly, keeping her hands covering her private areas. "And just what are you willing to do to get out of here?"

Kairi scowled. She was in no mood for games. "What are you asking?"

"You're no fun at all." If she could have seen the woman's face, she'd have sworn she was pouting. "I suppose it's only natural though, given what you did last night." She leaned against the door and seemed to be relishing her moment. "First, you may only wear what you are told to wear. Otherwise, you'll go naked."

Kairi grit her teeth, but there was really no reason not to accept. They were going to have her naked whether she wanted to be or not. "What else?" she said, a quiver in her voice.

"I want you to masturbate for me out here in the hallway for anyone to see."

Kairi recoiled in horror. "'re sick! I'm not going to do that for you!"

The woman in the doorway shrugged. "I guess you don't mind wallowing in the filth. Do give the Heartless my regard." She moved to shut Kairi back into the darkness.

"Wait!" she cried, and the woman stopped with just a small sliver of light still coming in. Kairi crept forward. "All...all I have to do is...pleasure myself...and I can get out of here?"

The woman nodded. "I'll even put you in a hot bath."

Kairi was wary of the woman, but if she ever wanted to escape, she needed to get out of the dungeon first. She finally agreed to the terms and slowly came out into the stale light of the hallway. She got her first good look at the woman. She was tall and a little overweight, but she carried it well. Her silver eyes were running along Kairi’s body with undisguised hunger. She was very well-endowed, and wore a soft purple dress that matched her hair color. Kairi wondered who the dress was meant to impress. It clung to the woman's curves, almost like a second skin. It was strapless and showed enough cleavage to be thought of as either just tasteful enough, or almost whorish, depending on your perspective. She wore no shoes, her manicured feet bare on the stone floor.

Even though nothing had really changed, she felt more exposed out here than in the dungeon. The thought that someone could walk by and see her in her nudity, or masturbating for this witch made her feel even worse. It also didn't help that her captor was dressed and she was not. She looked to the woman, hoping she would change her mind. She just shook her head, causing Kairi's eyes to drop to the floor. After a minute's hesitation, the woman prodded her. "Either get to it, or get back in the dungeon. It doesn't matter to me, though the Heartless might complain."

Kairi blanched, backing up against the wall. She composed herself quickly, however. It was really no choice at all. She had no desire to go back to the dark of the dungeon, or to the raping from the Heartless. She also knew that she had no chance of escape on her own should she stay caged up. If she pretended to bow to the will of her captors, they might screw up enough to allow her to escape. That hope was her light right now.

She slowly slid down the wall, the cool of the plaster causing goose bumps on her skin. When she found a sitting position, she began to rub her breasts. She watched the woman lean against the opposite wall, licking her lips, and then Kairi closed her eyes. The last thing she needed was to watch someone else enjoy her plight. She blanked out the hum in the hallway, the knowledge of her captor watching and just tried to put herself back on the beach. She imagined it was sunset, and she was experimenting with her body there instead.

Her hands danced along her breasts, brushing the nipples occasionally with her palms. She squeezed the left breast, then the right, gasping a little each time. Her fingers swirled slowly inward until they reached her areolas. She alternately traced around one, then the other. She finally pinched one softly, rubbing it and playing with it. "Ah...ah..." She was picturing the sun baptizing itself on the horizon. She imagined she'd found a secluded part of the beach and stripped off her clothes. The scene that she was alone and safe gave her courage to keep going.

She slipped a hand from her breast and trailed it down her stomach as her left kept her nipple hard. She hesitated, not sure she could do this. She had to remind herself of the darkness of the cell to force her to bring her hand to her pussy. She began to rub the outer lips, biting her lip a little. She dipped a finger into her hole, pushing in and pulling out slowly. She moaned now, unable to contain the pleasure she felt. She began to shove her finger faster and faster, twisting the nipple of her right breast now. She could feel her pleasure rising again, like it had back in the cell. Was this the orgasm thing that she'd overheard Selphie mentioning? Kairi wasn't sure, but it could be just that. Kairi cried out in pleasure, much louder than she thought she was going to as she felt the orgasm run through her body.

Kairi pulled her finger out of her pussy, panting as her other arm fell limply to her side. It wasn't until she heard footsteps approach that she came back to herself and her predicament. "Good girl, Kairi. That's what I wanted." She patted Kairi on the head like Kairi was a dog. Kairi scowled a little, but she didn't fight back when she was lifted to her feet. "C'mon, let's get you into a bath. You could definitely use the freshening up." And with that, she was half carried down the hall.

Steam caught Kairi in the face as the door opened. Despite herself, she was impressed. The room looked like it was carved into a rock cavern. Water ran down the sides of the dark rocks and pooled into a large basin. The woman stripped out of her dress and panties and she slipped into the pool, bringing Kairi in with her. The warmth from the water soaked into Kairi's soul, drawing out her fear and revulsion in a few minutes. It was a brief reprieve as the woman began to scrub Kairi down, not leaving a space untouched. "I can clean myself."

"Nonsense. I can take care of my toys." She kept up her scrubbing.

"I am not a toy!" Kairi yelled, pulling away from the woman. She stumbled on the slick stone though and it prevented her from escaping before the woman clamped a hand on Kairi's shoulder and pulled her back down into the bath.

"You are what we say you are, and you better get used to the role. Otherwise people like Loshul will make things very hard on you here, and it would be a shame to permanently damage such beautiful skin." She ran a hand along Kairi's shoulder, dipping down to rub Kairi's breast. Kairi tried to knock the hand away and caught a slap to the face because of it. "Though I do like your fire, cutie."

Kairi folded her arms and harumphed, but she allowed the woman to finish cleaning her. The woman lingered too long in some very sensitive areas, but each time Kairi protested, she found herself on the receiving end of a smack. Most of them were to her ass. Finally, she finished cleaning Kairi. She wrapped a leather strap around Kairi's neck in a psuedo-leash and the other end of the strap was wrapped around her right wrist. She then began to wash herself. Kairi somehow knew she was no match strength-wise against this woman, especially with her weakened state, so she decided she would relax as much as she possibly could and see if it could help with the pain in her body. "What's your name?" she asked, not really expecting an answer.

"My name is Norian." She sidled up next to Kairi, rubbing herself up against the redhead. Kairi scooted a little to the side, away from her touch. "C'mon child. Let me scrub your hair, then we'll get you something to eat." Kairi nodded, allowing the woman to get close enough to pour water over her head and scrub her hair down. She wasn't as gentle with her as she had been with the skin. Kairi kept herself from crying out, not wanting to give the woman the satisfaction. She was concentrating on the rocks, trying to ignore Norian, and was shocked out of her reverie when water was poured over her head. She coughed and sputtered.

Kairi tried to wipe the water out of her eyes and catch her breath. Norian didn't allow her to as she grabbed the leash right near her neck and used it to pull Kairi into a kiss. Kairi's eyes widened and she tried to pull away but the leash prevented her from leaving. Kairi flailed, finally scratching at Norian's shoulder, digging her nails in deep.

Norian cried out in pain. "Bitch!" She shoved Kairi back hard. She fell against the rocks, the breath crushed out of her body. She closed her eyes and waited for the blows to come, but after a minute of nothing, she opened them again. Norian was breathing heavily, her hand raised, shaking with rage. Her eyes had gone wide and it reminded Kairi vaguely of a cartoon bull seeing red. Slowly, she lowered her hand and clenched it at her side. "You will NEVER strike your Masters again. EVER! Or you WILL find a new meaning of pain." Norian stalked over to her and Kairi shrank back. The leash was yanked upward and Kairi's breath was cut off as she was forced to her feet. "Do you UNDERSTAND me?" Kairi nodded, struggling to breathe, and Norian put some slack on the leash so Kairi could inhale again. "Now apologize."

Kairi gasped, trying to steady herself. "I'm sorry..." she croaked out, hatred showing toward the vindictive woman as she said it. Norian glowered at her, but she tugged on the leash, pulling Kairi out of the bath. She removed the leash and threw Kairi a towel to dry herself off.

"Time to get food, pet," she said, a hard edge to her attempt at light-hearted chatter. Norian held out her hand, taking the towel from Kairi and tossing it on top of her own filthy one as she led the nude girl back into the hall. Kairi wondered how she walked in such a tight-fitting dress without bursting out of it. It didn't seem physically possible. She had a vivid image of that happening and had to fight to keep a smile off her face.

She was brought into a bedroom with a four poster bed and a table with two chairs next to it. Small figurines lined the room, their white eyes following Kairi as she entered. Food was steaming on the table and Norian motioned for her to sit. Kairi was too hungry to argue, taking a seat and digging in to the food as quickly as she dared eat. Norian did not join her, instead going through one of her drawers, though what she was looking for Kairi couldn't tell. She continued to eat, hoping to regain her strength.

"Catch." Kairi turned in time to catch her tie. She had no idea why it was being thrown at her. She was going to put it on anyway, but there was something in the way that Norian looked at her that made her hesitate. Then she remembered. Norian had said she could only wear what she was told to wear. This had to be a test. She could play along. It'd make things easier and maybe relax them a bit. She simply held the tie until Norian smiled. "Good job. I knew you'd keep your word. Go ahead and put that on."

Kairi did so, the blue and white striped tie hanging down between her breasts. She'd have thought she'd be grateful for any clothing to wear, but wearing just the tie made her feel even more exposed. Norian also tossed her a pair of white socks, telling her to put those on as well. It made her feel utterly ridiculous to be wearing just these small amounts of clothes, especially since they covered nothing else up. *Enjoy your control while you have it. You won't keep me forever.*

Trying to cover up her uncomfortability, she decided to get some answers. "So, you're part of the Organization?"

"The Organization is dead," Norian stated firmly as she sat down in the chair opposite Kairi.

"But...I saw..?" Kairi said, confused.

"Loshul can play his games and 'pay his respects' all he pleases. I am glad he is not the leader here. He wanted me to join in and really confuse you. I have no need for such trivialities." She pursed her lips, showing Kairi that Norian did not think much of this Loshul. She mentally filed that thought away. If she needed to, maybe she could pit her captors against themselves.

"This is your room for now. You will stay here unless we have need for you," Norian continued, leaning back in her chair. "Look around if you like, but you will change nothing in here without permission."

Kairi nodded absently, finishing as much of her meal as she could. She stood, glad to be looking anywhere but at that gaze that was alternately leering and appraising. She walked over to the bed, feeling the softness of the sheets. It would make for a very soft bed. She stood back up and that was when something wrapped around her and pulled tight, pinning her arms to her sides. Kairi looked down, seeing a silk sash around her waist just above her wrists. A second sash flew around her as if by magic, right under her breasts. It pushed them up just a little as it did so. Kairi tried to break the bonds, but for all that they looked fragile, they were stronger than any rope she'd seen.

"What are you doing?!" Kairi tried to turn and confront Norian, but each attempt was met with a lash to her skin. It smacked her along the cheek, side and one on her ass.

"You were not told to turn around, young lady." Norian's motherly tone grated on Kairi further, but she did as she was told again. She felt sick at being ordered around like this. Another sash wrapped around just above her breasts and one between the first two. Now she was fully ensnared by this woman. "Now spread your legs." Kairi hesitated and received another smack to her ass. She grudgingly put her feet slightly apart. "Further, near to the posts." Kairi scowled and spread her legs wider. Sashes leapt out to wrap around each leg, binding her to the posts.

A hand ran up along her ass and then Norian came into view in front of her, another sash floating up inches above the back of her neck, fluttering as if in a breeze. Another appeared just above it out of nowhere and the two entwined as they floated. Kairi said nothing, wincing as Norian touched Kairi's chest. Norian just smiled, licking her lips as she moved before shoving on Kairi's back. Without any way to brace herself, she fell onto the bed. She tried to get back up but, with her panicking, all it accomplished was her wiggling her ass.

"I have some friends I want to introduce you to. They're a bit more aggressive than your friends in the dungeon, but you'll learn to enjoy them." Kairi tried to look around, but she couldn't see very far behind her. "The Neoshadows are normally reserved for much more destructive work. I figured it was time to let them have some fun."

Kairi blanched. *Neoshadows?* Sora had told her about them, but she'd never encountered them herself. She hadn't really wanted to either. "No! No!" She struggled with no success.

"Now, now, pet. You'll love it." Norian motioned and another sash wrapped around Kairi's throat. It was not tight enough to cause her pain, but it did keep her bent over the bed.

Kairi didn't need the look from Norian to tell her that the Heartless had arrived again. She could just feel their presence. She looked at Norian. "Please! I don't want them!"

"But they're really looking forward to it." She pouted, but Kairi could see the mischief in her eyes. She sat down on the bed, raising her dress and showing Kairi her pussy. "I could use a little pleasuring myself though..." Kairi grimaced, turning her head away. "Suit yourself," she said, motioning to the Heartless behind Kairi. "These Heartless are known to be very...well endowed." She grinned maliciously.

Kairi tried desperately to escape her bonds as the Heartless neared. The sashes refused to budge though and it brought Kairi to tears. She felt the caress of the creature along her leg. She was imagining all sorts of terrible things as she tried to think of what they looked like. As one neared her ass and she felt the tip of its cock at her pussy, she cried out. "Okay! Okay! I'll do it!"

Norian held up a hand and positioned herself near Kairi's face. The Heartless reacted, stopping from pushing into Kairi, but it stayed where it was. Kairi gulped and wrinkled her nose at the smell of the other woman's sex. She tried to keep from gagging as she began to lick tentatively at the other woman's folds. Fingernails dug into Kairi's head. "Go deeper, slut!"

Kairi closed her eyes, summoning up what inner fortitude she could and made herself go deeper, her tongue darting in and out. *Just get through this, and I'll be safe,* she told herself, *I can do this. Even if it is disgusting.* She tried to ignore the salty taste and just work on getting the woman off. Occasionally she'd stop thrusting in and lick and suck on Norian's clit.

“Yes....that's the spot...Oh Kairi!" Norian said, moaning and bucking a little. Every time she bucked, her pussy was thrust into Kairi's face, causing her to have to hold her breath. The woman's juices were smeared on Kairi's face each time. Kairi kept it up though, fearing the creature behind her. She delved down deep, her tongue going raw after a few minutes, and still she worked.

Norian thankfully orgasmed, and Kairi stopped her work, her face a mess. Norian was breathing heavily, but she seemed content. Kairi was thankful for that. She sighed with relief. After a few moments of rest, Norian stood up, patting Kairi on the head. "Good work pet. Have a fun time." Kairi could feel the Neoshadow start to push again.

"What?! Wait! I did as you asked!"

Norian smiled and licked her lips. " did." Her gaze was a little dreamlike.

"I did it so they wouldn't fuck me!" Kairi's eyes were wide as the Neoshadow began to force its way in. It was too big! "Unghh!"

"Now when did we make that arrangement?" Norian's eyes danced mischievously.

The second Neoshadow came up in front of Kairi, his huge cock all she was focusing on. "Nooommmph!" Her cry was cut off as it pushed the huge cock into her mouth. Kairi was forced as wide as she could get and it barely fit in. She felt the tip hit the back of her throat and she gagged, but the Neoshadow ignored her plight, concerned only with itself. Kairi was sobbing as she felt the one in her pussy force its way deeper, tearing her a little bit as it did. *God it hurts!* Her body was not adjusting to the size of it, and it felt like she was being torn apart.

She vaguely heard the door shut as other Neoshadows descended on her, but she was beyond caring what Norian saw or did not see. All she knew was the feel of the cocks again. She knew that just like before, she would soon be begging for more. The rational part of her mind was calling out for Sora, Riku, home. That part wanted to be running for her life, away from the clutches of these creatures and their crazy masters. The other part just wanted to give in to them, to let the pleasure and occasional pain consume her and take away the fears and doubts she had. The problem was, the sex-crazed part was winning.
* * * **

Norian smiled as she closed the door behind her. She was going to enjoy this little pet a lot. She liked playing head games and didn't even need an Organization cloak to do so. She'd show Loshul who could break who. She wanted this pet all to herself.

"What do you think you're doing Norian?"

Norian looked around, but didn't see anyone. She sighed, putting a hand to her head. "Damian, I wish you'd stop doing that. Your illusions are such a pain."

There was a shimmer on the wall in front of her and then suddenly Damian stood before her, his brown eyes piercing into Norian. "Loshul gave you specific orders."

"And I disregarded them. Loshul is a waste of our time."


"He is not our leader, Damian. And you'd be wise to remember that." Norian flipped her hair and started to walk away.

"I remember that, Norian. I also remember that Xenia put him in charge while she was away. She wanted him to remind her of those she helped destroy." Damian folded his arms.

"Fine, but she can be reminded without putting on those damn cloaks. I'm with Syrus on this one. What's dead is dead." She sauntered over to Damian and reached up to caress his face. Damian turned his head as though she'd bitten him. "You know, you're one of the few who has shown no interest in any of your fellow Company members. And I noticed you haven't been particularly interested in our captive either."

"What I choose to do with my sex life is none of your business, Norian. Maybe I just have more important things to think about right now." He shoved her away.

"Or maybe you're more interested in saving yourself for Namine." Damian halted at that, nearly sputtering as she said that. "You don't need to hide it from me, Damian. I saw how you looked at her when the Organization first brought her here." She slipped in front of him. "But I wonder why you never take advantage of the opportunities here. Now that she is a traitor, you'll need your practice when you choose to rape her."

Damian ran a hand through his forest-green hair in frustration. "Drop the subject, ok?" He stopped mid-run and paused, as though hearing something far away.

Norian was used to this. His twin was calling. The two of them were connected mentally and could talk between themselves like that. When he stopped, she looked at him. "Celine in position?"

Damian nodded. "I need to get out there. I need to be in place within the hour."

Norian walked alongside him, smiling all the way. "I can only imagine what it would be like to have sex like that." Damian looked at her quizzically. "With her in your head." She touched Damian on the forehead.

"Eww! She's my sister!"

"So am I." She leaned in, kissing Damian on the lips.

Damian was shocked out of action, then he forced her away from him. "Stop that! Fucking whore..." He wiped his mouth with his sleeve, but Norian took no offense to his name-calling. He did that when flustered, like a child. Damian looked down at his hands and sighed. "It's...different."

Norian was surprised at his honesty. She'd never gotten something beyond his cold exterior before. She wanted to see how far it would go. "How so?" she asked, prodding him along.

It got no further. "If you have to ask that question, you aren't ready to know the answer. Now, I have a flight to make." He turned and the door to the hangar swung shut behind him with a crash.

Norian clucked her tongue in frustration. *So close.* She turned on her heel and strode back toward the core to report her progress. Damian's shell was cracking and through him, Celine could fall too. She was going to have her army against Loshul yet. And when she broke the princess, she'd show Xenia who she could trust.

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