Breeding Season Chapter 5

Breeding Season : Chapter 5

As the warm water cascaded down her trim body, Gwen thought about what to do next. She was different thanks to Ben’s damn alien machine, now she had an extra body part that she wasn’t sure she wanted. Guys didn’t seem to mind having one but she was apprehensive. So much so that she really hadn’t even pulled it out. She knew it was there but it was like something out of horror film.

Hers was not like a guys, it hid inside her body in a slit just above her vagina. She sighed, she wondered if it actually worked though. She had peed all ready and it didn’t seem to affect it, she never felt a twinge in that area. Curiosity got the best of her and she pushed her fingers into the slit. It parted easily and she managed to pull her new appendage free of its hiding place. It hung there like a limp piece of flesh and at that moment she felt disgusted. Then she felt a tingling between her legs, it was almost like a switch being turned on. She stared in disbelief as her penis began to stiffen before her very eyes and what amounted to a few moments; she had a raging hard on.

It went from a limp piece of flesh to hard and sticking almost straight up. To her amazement she noted that she was much larger than Ben...a lot bigger. She almost didn’t want to touch it but something in the back of her mind told her to. She could feel every touch, it was very sensitive, much like her clit except this was different.

The head was the most responsive to her light caress, it sent shivers through her spine. She now understood completely the male perspective to things and it was good. As she stroked her new member her crotch began to seek attention as well. She inserted a finger into her quivering pussy adding to her pleasure but it wasn’t enough, she added another and another. She couldn’t believe how fast this had come on her.

She was so horny now, she could barely think straight. Her member throbbed and to her astonishment grew a little more, not much but it almost as hard as rock reaching toward the sky. Something also grew within her a pressure, a want of release; she needed to cum. She stroked harder in rhythm with jamming her pussy with her drenched fingers. Faster and faster she tried to reach that plateau but she was at an impasse and couldn’t get herself off.

She pushed deeper into herself but nothing seemed to quench the pressure growing ever more between her legs. Then she had it, she quickly withdrew her fingers from her pussy and immediately pushed three of them up her ass. She screamed, she was almost there, she rammed her fingers deep into her ass trying to get to the point of release; closer...closer. She moaned out loud and she was sure they could hear her outside. Then she felt it, she spread her legs and arched her back as her cock let loose.

Streams of cum flew from her member like a fire hose, she had never seen anything like it in her life. The white milky fluid arched across the shower stall splattering onto the wall in a spider web like pattern. Gwen gasped she thrust her fingers deeper into her ass trying to make the euphoric feeling last longer. Her cock jerked and Gwen screamed again as another wave of cum flew out of her penis in another fantastic arc.

“FUCK!!!” She screamed, her ass clamped down hard on her fingers and she had to with draw them fast. She couldn’t believe how powerful this orgasm was, her legs almost gave way. Her mind raced could she do it again, her member was still hard and dripping. Yes she was sure she could, she jammed her fingers again deep into her ass and pussy this time. Leaving her member free to let loose once again. She pushed her fingers inside feeling her way to her sweet spots, she had to make her cock cum one more time. It didn’t take long, she was so ripe, her fingers had pushed all the right buttons. Again she arched her back, her fingers still deep within her orifices pushing for release then her cock erupted again with a stream larger than before. Gwen fell to her knees she couldn’t stand the strain anymore she scream out in pure ecstasy it was glorious. Her cock sprayed forth a plume of white liquid across the shower stall then Gwen lost consciousness.

Gwen awoke to find one of her sisters staring at her, her face quickly disappeared and she heard her say; “She’s awake.” She found it hard to move, really stiff, then it came back to her she was jerking off in the shower! But that wasn’t where she was now. She saw her sisters face return to her vision.

“Well about time you woke up.” Gwen one said with a smile.

She rubbed her head and found a big bump, “What happened?” Gwen said.

“Well it seems you were having fun in the shower, so to much so that you blacked out and fell unconscious, banging your head in the process. We found you and that mess you made not soon after it happened.” Gwen’s sister pulled the blanket away from her to see if she could get a look at it again. “Hey!!! Where did it go?” All she could see was her sisters vagina.

Gwen put her hand down between her legs quickly covering up. “What are you doing?”

“I wanted to see it again...where did it go? It was huge!! No wonder you coated the walls and made so much noise that Grandpa turned up the radio.” Gwen one snickered.

“Was I that loud?”

“Oh yeah.” Gwen one grinned.

She tried to push Gwen one’s hand away, “Come on sis, there’s nothing there I haven’t seen before.” She managed to get her hand away and got a good look this time, there she saw the slit. “Ah...its tucked inside...awesome!!! Pull it out.”

Gwen grabbed her hand, “Noooooooooooooo.”

“Aw come on! I wanna see it.” Gwen’s sister said with a pout.

“No, there’s a catch with pulling it out.” Gwen said with some apprehension in her voice.

“Oh?” Gwen one said tilting her head to the side in wonder.

Gwen sat up and took a deep breath, it still was strange talking sorta with herself. She had grown accustom to the clones now but still sometimes it was just weird. “Well it seems it triggers a countdown of sorts to orgasm.”


“Well I pulled it out and for a moment nothing happened, it was kinda gross...then it was like a switch had been turned on and I had to have an orgasm.”

Gwen’s sisters mouth dropped open, “ had to have one?”

“Oh yeah I was compelled to stroke and get myself off in anyway possible.”

“Wow...uhmmm I saw the”

Gwen rubbed her neck, “ was pretty powerful. I came three times.

There was a silence for a moment then Gwen’s sister spoke, “Three times....holy! Are you ok?”

“Yeah...a bit stiff.” Gwen said then realized what she had just told her as her sister giggled. “Not that type.”

Gwen’s sister laughed, “Well it was funny.”

Gwen sighed, “How is everyone else?”

“They’re ok, Ben’s been joking about your little escapade.”

“Oh really.” Gwen said. Then a totally evil thought came to her, a really evil one. “Well we will see about that.”

Gwen one saw the wicked grin appear on her sisters face and she wondered what she was thinking.

Gwen moved up to front of the RV and politely asked Gwen four to vacate the seat for a few minutes. She shrugged and moved. Gwen sat then addressed her Grandpa. “We have to make a stop in a few minutes.”

“Oh?” He was a little surprised by that.

“Yeah take exit 76 and then turn right, there is a mall there we have to visit.”

“And why are we visiting this mall?” He said smiling at her.

“I’ve bought something there and we have to pick it up.”

“Oh, ok. Actually its almost lunch time I guess we can pick up some food. Is everyone hungry?” Grandpa Max called back to the rest. There was a lot of shouting of the word ‘yes’, he laughed.

The RV parked and gang all got out and stretched. A few people stared, seeing five of the same person pile out of a big camper would be a bit strange. Gwen took Gwen One with her while the others took off with Max and Ben.

“What did you buy?” Gwen One said.

“Oh you’ll see.” Gwen said with a grin.

Gwen One could see that Gwen knew where she was going and when she saw the sporting goods store at the end of the mall; she wondered if that’s where they were headed. It wasn’t long before she had the answer to her question as they entered into the store.

Gwen walked up to the register to the gentleman there, “Hi I put an order in online, I spoke to Sam about it.”

“Ah...Ok one moment she is in the back, I’ll get her.” He motioned for another employee to take the register then headed to the back room. In a moment he returned with a young woman.

She smiled at the two, “Hi which one of you is Gwen?”

“I am.” Gwen said putting out her hand. “Nice to meet you in person.”

“Yeah, so this one of your twin sisters you talked about.”

“Yup one of the four.”

“When you said that you had four identical sisters, I really found it hard to believe. However seeing your sister here standing beside you, I think you were telling the truth.”

“Oh its true, I can bring them all by for you to see.”

“I’d like that.” The sales woman smiled. “Now for your order I have it put them aside. Did you want to try one of them on?”

“Sure my sister can do that.”

Gwen one looked had her, “What am I trying on?”

“Gwen smiled, “You’ll see.”

They followed the woman back to the changing room where Gwen One was handed a bag. She entered into the change room wondering what it was the Gwen had bought. When she opened the bag, she smiled, now she knew why she had grinned.

Gwen one stepped out of the change booth and Gwen smiled, she liked what she saw. “Now that rocks.” Gwen said. Gwen One was covered with a sleek high cut red one piece high neck swimsuit. It left nothing much to the imagination although Gwen one still had her underwear on; which sorta spoiled the effect.

“Now I see why you were grinning.” She turned around, “This fits just right.” Gwen one said walking up and down the short corridor.

“Yeah I thought it might.”

“This will blow Ben away.” Gwen one said as she stroked the suit up and down with her hands. It was like a second skin, she loved its feel.

“Yeah he likes red, this should have him so hard.”

Gwen one smiled, “Oh yeah sis, I like the way you think.”

Gwen and Gwen one easily found the others. Lunch was fun as most of the people around them stared. In time they also drew a crowd. The Gwen’s thought it was funny, they never had been popular now this was overkill. Some of the people asked if they had been on TV.

Ben loved this attention, although he wished he could have gone hero and showed the crowd who was the real draw. He wished he knew what Gwen had wanted here at the mall, it was huge so he couldn’t guess which store she had gone in.

Gwen two sat beside Gwen and whispered to her, “What did you buy?”

Gwen smiled, “You’ll see soon, I hope.” She managed to get Grandpa Max alone, she had asked for him to take a walk with her. He got that she wanted to talk.

“So what is it you want to talk with me about?”

She smiled, her Grandpa was a quick study. “Well, the girls and I want to have some fun with... ah... Ben. Sooner the better it seems.”

“Fun...ah.” Then it hit him, as he realized what type of fun she was talking about. “Oh...that type of fun.”

“Yeah, is there anyway we could possibly make it happen.”

“Well if I could find a motel close by I could sleep there while you took over the rust bucket.”

“That would be great!” Gwen smiled, “I can look it up on my computer, I’m sure there is one around that’s reasonable.”

“If there is one, you’ll find it I’m sure.” He looked at his grand daughter, although he was a still a bit nervous that she was sexually active. He was sure she would take precautions. “So if I may ask, what brought us here?”

“A red swimsuit.”

“A what?”

“A very tight red swimsuit. Seems Ben is partial to red.” She grinned.

“Oh...ok.” He didn’t know that, perhaps it would have been better if hadn’t.

They had to make one more stop, the girls could resist the chance to in terms freak out the sales lady. It worked they accomplished their task, seeing them all in one place was a bit freaky.

In the RV Gwen found a couple of places that he could stay; one she was really happy about. She spoke to her Grandpa and it was decided. It took a little while to find the place but Max was happy with the accommodations. In fact he thought they might stay a couple of days instead, to really get a good rest in.

Gwen thought there wasn’t going to be a lot of rest going on.

Ben kinda figured that he was going to get some, he was hoping he was up to it. To satisfy Gwen was hard enough but to do five? It was a fantasy come true but could he fuck all of new cousins. He wanted to do all of them but he wasn’t sure if he had enough stamina. Perhaps one the aliens could do it, he thought about it but was interrupted by Gwen.

“So, since Grandpa will be ...ahem...out of town so to speak, want to have an orgy?”

“You mean fuck like rabbits?”

“Yeah, fuck like rabbits.” Gwen grinned.

“Man you are one horny slut.”

“Oh yeah my ass is ready and willing.”

“Fuck I love it when you talk like that.”

“Oh and me and girls have a surprise for you.”

Ben’s eyebrows raised, “ this from the mall today.”

“Yup.” Gwen smiled.

“Ok lets get to it.” Ben said getting up from his chair.

“Well first I want to blind fold you, we’d like this to be a surprise for you.”

“Ah...ok.” Ben was a bit unsure of this but if it Gwen’s idea he was sure he was going to like it. He couldn’t see anything but he sure heard a lot. All the girls were talking about getting fucked and how they wanted their asses pounded hard. Just this had him erect, ready and willing. In a few moments he heard Gwen whisper in his ear, “Ready?”

“Oh yeah?”

“Now keep your eyes shut till I tell you to open them ok.”

“Ok.” He kept his eyes shut tightly, he knew if he opened them prematurely that Gwen would kill him and this evening of fun would never happen. The blindfold was gone, he wanted so much to open his eyes. Then he heard the words. “Ok open them.” His mouth went agape as his eyes focused upon the beautiful sight in front of him. All four Gwen’s were dressed in tight!”

“Like?” He heard Gwen say beside him.

He looked and she had one on as well. “Holy...fmmmmm” Ben felt Gwen’s hand over his mouth. Ok no need to swear. He felt himself come to complete attention below the waist, this was a fantasy come true. “Wow you girls look awesome!!!!”

They all smiled, this was fun they all thought. They could also see that Ben thought it was fun as well. They all had the memories of the event that brought them into creation but they never experienced it. Now they were all going to; they hoped.

“So this is what you bought at the mall, awesome Gwen, thanks.” He said looking at her almost with his tongue hanging out. The suit hugged her in all the right places, her erect nipples protruded from inside the suit to expose her readiness. He scanned her body down to her wet crotch, she was ready. “Boy do you want it.” He smiled.

“Oh yeah I want it. Just one more piece to add to this little puzzle though.”

“Oh?” Ben said.

“Yup.” Gwen pulled her hand from behind her back and held out another red suit. “Here you go.”

Ben looked at the red suit with surprise. “What?”

“It’s yours.”

“What?” You want me to turn into you? I thought....” Ben didn’t get to finish for Gwen interrupted him.

“No I want to see you in this as Ben, with your bulging cock straining the fabric of this tight suit.”

“But...but that’s a girls suit?” Ben stuttered.

“So, it will look great on you.” Gwen said.

“But...but...” Ben protested Gwen’s request.

Gwen asserted herself, “Ben get naked and put this suit on, or else nothing is going to happen tonight what so ever.” She handed the suit to him with a definite push.

Ben took the suit and put it on the table. He didn’t like this at all, his mega erection disappeared quickly as he began to strip.

All the Gwen’s just stared as Ben stripped down to his underwear. They so wanted his cock inside them, all of them were literally swimming inside their suits. Gwen four pushed two of her fingers between her legs and moaned. “Unnnoh.”

Gwen two smiled, “Me too, I’m so wet its dripping down the inside of my legs.”

They all watched in great anticipation as Ben began to slip the tight red suit on.

“I can’t believe Gwen wants me to wear this.” Ben thought as he slipped his foot through one of the leg holes in the suit. He sighed, Gwen and her sisters looked awesome in them but why was she doing this. He pulled the suit up and tucked his cock into the silky material. He pulled the speedo suit up around his chest; to which he was finding out this suit was extremely tight. He finally slipped his arms through the shoulder straps, then found out he had a slight problem. The suit had a zipper in the back and he was not use to pulling something like that up.

Gwen saw his problem and helped him out, “Hold on, to do that takes a bit of skill.”

As the zipper climbed he felt the suit adjust itself to his body; clinging to him in places he had never felt before. As he took a deep breath the suit applied pressure trying to compress his chest.

Gwen smiled Ben looked totally hot in the suit, his semi erect cock strained against the tight material; this was a great fucking idea she thought. “Ben you look totally awesome.” Gwen said as she ran her hand down his chest. Seeing his nipples protruding out she gently caressed one them through the smooth material.

“Gwen I feel ridiculous and this thing is super tight; I can hardly breathe.” He gestured at the suit with his hands and running them down its sides. “You’ve seen me in it now, let me take it off.”

“No!” Came a boisterous reply from all the Gwen’s.

Gwen smile, “Motion not approved.” Gwen felt herself getting extremely turned on by Ben in the tight red suit. She put her hand on Ben’s cock and began to massage it lightly through the suit. “Ben it seem your body likes this tight suit.” As she felt his cock begin to harden beneath her touch.

He pushed her hand away, “No it doesn’t Gwen! I’m taking this thing off.” He put his hands up to the straps.

“Sisters grab him.”

Ben saw the four sister leap at him at lightning speed grabbing each his arms and legs basically pinning him in place. “What? Gwen tell them to let me go.” He struggled hard against them but they had a really good hold on him.

“Oh no you are not getting away. Ladies bend him over.” Gwen grinned.

In front of her now was Ben’s tight butt surrounded and encased by a nice taut speedo swimsuit. Perfect she thought, she took the camera off of the table and began to take a whole lot of pictures of Bens ass.

Ben heard the sounds of the camera, “Gwen!!!! Stop taking pictures.”

“Stand him up girls and turn him my way, its time for a photo shoot.”

Ben tried to resist even more but it was futile, they had him turned around quicker than you could almost blink. Photo’s...tons more like it; were taken with the Gwen’s feeling, licking, laughing with Ben. Who in most of the photos was beet red. Although one thing showed through, he was secretly enjoying it; his penis was harder than it ever was.

The Gwen’s saw this and played upon his embarrassment, Gwen 2 was horny enough to begin sucking on the tip of Ben’s penis through the taut material. “Mmmm pre cum.” Gwen 2 said licking her lips, “He is so ready.”

“Then turn him over quick before he cums.”

Ben eyes went wide, “What!!!” Again Ben felt himself being maneuvered into a bending over position with his ass aimed right at Gwen.

Gwen put her hand on Ben’s back and spoke one word. “Expelioustous!”

Ben suddenly felt strange, then it was over as quickly as it came but he knew that word. He began to struggle even more, “ you can’t do this!! Gwennnnnnn!”

“Ben you are about to experience Anal sex!” Gwen said with lust in her voice.

To be continued.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate all the comments and votes. Not sure but I think the next chapter might be the last for this series, will have to see where the last chapter ends up. I have some of it written but I’m not sure how it will end.

Take care and I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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