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“What’s wrong Robin? You’re not being all greedy today.” Chopper commented, Robin knelt in front of him, her top pulled down and her ample bosom pressing up against his rigid cock, the manhood was an admirable size, running in between her breasts and pressing at the woman’s lips. Robin didn’t reply to him, her tongue out, swirling around the tip.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had it….I’ve wanted to taste it.” Robin simply replied, her fingers teasing the tip as her tongue ran down the shaft.
“Let me have fun with your meat.” Her eyes locked with his, she smirked.

“I was so worried.” Chopper told the woman. “When you said you didn’t want to come back with us…but even though you say it’s been a while….it’s only been three days.” He ended up giggling, Robin turned away from him, her breasts pushing up against his manhood, her hands squeezing them together.

“During those two or three days…..I missed you.” Robin grunted. Chopper shuddered.
“Ah….Robin, you’re tit fuck really is amazing.” He told her. Robin mumbled a half hearted reply, before swallowing his tip in her mouth, her breasts continuing to squeeze him.

“Robin….I’m….I’m Cumming.” Chopper exclaimed. Robin smiled, letting the tip out of her mouth, the cum shot out of Chopper’s cock, over Robin’s face. The archaeologist smiled, letting the cock slide out of her breasts as she picked off a glob with her fingers, licking herself clean.
“Tasty….as to be expected by one like you.” She flirted, making her way to leave the Man-deer.

“Eh? Are you really gonna be satisfied with that?” Chopper asked, his huge arm pulling the woman back down into his embrace, a huge hand roughly grabbed at her tits, his fingers fondling and kneading it, the other hand spread her legs.
“Wh…what?” Robin stammered. “Just doing as you please with me?” she asked, in shock, Chopper’s hands explored.

“Don’t say it like that, it looks like you’re aching for it too.” He told her, his finger and thumb pinching her nipple roughly. “Look, you’re clitoris is really stiff.” Another huge finger rubbed against the woman’s cunt.
“You…you’re wrong.” Robin moaned. Chopper’s hand moved from her woman hood, back to her breasts.

Robin moaned heavily, her back pressed against the Doctor as he continued to play with her, his huge hands groping and playing with her breasts.
“They’re so soft, how can I not play with them?” he grinned.
“Don’t touch me how you please.” Robin simply back chatted as Chopper’s hands kept their grip, playing with her as she was a mere doll.

“What? You started it, look how much I’m making you drip.” He motioned to her womanhood, his hand moving down, fingers always playing.

Robin gave a sharp yelp as she was pushed forwards, Chopper’s manhood rubbing against her cock.
“Chopper! Stop screwing around.” She exclaimed, before his member found what it was looking for, her cunt sucked him in.

Chopper panted heavily, his huge hands grabbing the woman’s ass as he pounded himself in deeper and deeper. Robin just moaned, her breasts swinging with each thrust.
“Ah….please…ahhhhh…”she moaned. “Chopper….what are you ah….doing?”
“What? We are always like this?” Chopper’s grin faded. Robin just moaned, he could tell from her voice that she was enjoying herself, just trying herself to keep calm.

“Are you attacking you’re lonely thoughts?” he asked as Robin gave up struggling, his fingers dug into her ass cheeks as his thrusts sped up.
“Stop….I’m not lonely… more.” Robin gasped, turning herself over so she could face her lover. Chopper seemed to move with the times, his hands grabbing her thighs as they were face to face.

“Didn’t you say one of the reasons you came back was for me?” he grinned. Robin’s eyes rolled back, her tongue hanging out as he fucked her for all she was worth.
“You’re cock…it’s bigger than usual…” she gasped. “Have you grown?”

Chopper didn’t reply, of course Robin wasn’t fully aware of him using his forbidden form to help save her.
“You’re really clamping down hard.” He stated, his lips pressing against hers. Robin closed her eyes as he said the next words, ones she knew were coming.
“Robin, I’m Cumming.” He stated.

“Me too….” Robin panted, their fucking increased in speed, both parties almost screaming as they came.

Chopper panted heavily as he slipped out of her, a trail of cum from his spent cock to her pussy. Robin lay on her chest, exhausted and happy.
“I’ll get you back for that.” She winked. “Next time when we have some time alone.” She smiled, pressing her lips against him. Chopper nodded, a goofy smile on his face.

“Did I do it right? Was I dominant and manly?” he asked. “Sorry I sounded so mean.” Robin put a finger to his lips.
“You should be more like that….its a nice change.”

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