In the garden

Ash smiled, letting Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pigeotto out to have some fun whil he took Crabby to Nurse Joy.
"You guys have fun and Pikachu..." Ash said looking at Pikachu who giggled and ran off with the others. Ash sighed and shook his head. Once outside, Pikachu hightailed it towards the nearest tree, and scooted up it, searching for apples. He sat himself on a branch and began to have himself a nice little snack, plucking apples off the tree one by one and chomping happily on them. He happened to glance down at one point, and spot charmander, pokeing his nose in and out of some bushes, looking for berries.Pikachu grinned, and manuvered his way to the trunk of the tree, and slid down. He turned and saw Charmander bend over, and pluck some berries off a near-by bush. Pikachu snuck over to him and placed a finger tip on his rump...
"CHAR!!!!" Charmander yelped as he jumped intot he air, holding his behind. Pikchu giggled as Charmander grined at him.
"Char char..mander?" Charmander asked as Pikachu grinned and tackled Charmander to the ground, tickling his sides and belly, as Charmander giggled and squirmed on the ground underneath him. He pushed Pikachu off and grinned at the furry pokemon, and turned around on all fours, raising his tail. Pikachu grinned and placed his paw on charmander's butt, rubbing slightly and grining as Charmander shivered in pleasure. Pikachu grinned, and pressed his growing penis into charmander's tiny hole, electing a squeal out of the fire lizard. Charmander moaned softly, and wiggled his rear end backtowards Pikachu, who pressed in deeper and deeper until his tiny cock was deep within Charmander's ass. Charmander moaned with pleasure as Pikachu began to thrust in and out of his backside, panting softly and fireing small spurts of pre into the tiny hole. Charmander who was yelping and squealing in joy felt his little meber harden instantly. Pikachu grinned as sweat began to run on his body. He reached under Charmander began to masterbate him, gently tugging on the hardened meat, and rubbing at the head, making Charmander's cock shiny and slippery with his own pre. Pikachu's spurts became more and more appernt as he grasped charmander's bottom with his other paw and began to thrust even harder, moaning and mumbling how close he was. Suddenly, Charmander tensed his entire body, and let off a long string of cum from his dick onto the ground. as Charmander tensed, so did is backside, where Pikachu's cock was bureid. Pikachu pasued fora second, and also blew his load, filling Charmander's ass with his milky juices. the collapsed ontop of each other as Charmander grinned and looked over at Pikachu.
"C, Ch, Char charmander..." He said as Pikachu nodded and turned over on all fours, raising his tail. Charmander weakly stoped up,and pressed his shrinking member into Pikachu's small behind.
"Charman-...oh...god, not again.." He sighed as he walked over to Pikachu and Charmander, who both blushed and looked up at him.
"Lord..."Ash said as he grabbed them both by their necks and took them backinside the poke center.

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