One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 12

Robin purred as she eyed the Doctor laying back on her bed, arms binding him back, a pair of panties keeping the inserted butt-plug firmly in place. His huge cock trapped and erect due to the amount of bondage.

“Well done Doctor, you seem to have followed my instructions properly.” she smiled.
“Thank...thank you Robin.” he said, his voice shaking slightly.
“Your balls look very tight, I like to see them like that.” she added. Bending forwards, reached back between her legs and rubbed her fingertips over his stretched scrotal skin, before laughing softly as she dragged a nail across his right ball. Chopper's mouth screwed up around the edges and her fingers trailed lightly up his throbbing shaft, pausing at the top to enclose the pink head.

“Mmmm, you are so hard. How many times did you wank yourself today slave?”
“Five Robin.”
“Five – that's a lot of trips to the loo isn't it?... I hope you weren't going extra times just so you could feel your cock getting hard in you hand!”

“No Robin.” It was a lie, and she knew it, but she let it go.
“Hmmm. Well as long as you didn't cum I guess it doesn't really matter. You didn't accidentally cum did you slave?”

“No Robin.”
“Are you sure?” she asked as she raised a single eyebrow.
“Yes Robin, I nearly came once but I just managed to stop it.”
“Excellent, that's the way it should be. Keep all the yummy cum for me. Of course.” Robin turned her attention to the other figure in the room. Chopper hadn't noticed it before.

“Come along my little slut.” Robin smirked as the young girl stepped into Chopper's view.
“Miss Navigator is going to be your partner this evening.” she paused. “Now make sure you do everything we say.” she stated. Chopper felt Nami moving onto the bed. She turned around and placed her heels close to his armpits before lowering herself onto his face. To Chopper's surprise Nami was not naked and her warm, damp knickers covered his blue nose and mouth, filling them with the scent of her sweat and delicious pussy.

“Can you smell my juices?” Nami asked.
“Yes, thank you Nami.” Chopper mumbled, he wasn't sure if it was really ok but he still enjoyed breathing in deeply. If Robin wanted him to do it then it would be ok.
“It made me so wet seeing you like this.” Nami remarked. “And Robin was right about the size of your cock.” she nipped the the tip of his cock as she continued to rub her pussy against his face for a while before pulling herself up to her feet again.

“Do you want more slave?”
“If....if it pleases you Nami.”
“Very good answer.” Robin giggled from nearby. Chopper felt her lower herself again. “Stick your tongue out as far as it will go.” she ordered. Chopper immediately pushed his tongue out as far as he could physically stretch it and held it there, unmoving.
Nami pulled her knickers to the side before lowering her pussy onto his face and Chopper's tongue literally ploughed between her lips. But she didn't stop there and he felt her move down and down until she was literally sitting on his face. Chopper's cock felt like it was about to explode as his tongue moved deep into her hole, searching out that beautiful strong taste that you only seem to get when you go really deep.

Then after just a few seconds of heaven she was lifting herself up again and moving off the bed. Chopper consoled himself by running his tongue around his open mouth, scavenging every available drop of her delicious juices.
“We are going to go and shower now.” Robin remarked, opening a drawer in the bedside cabinet and turning the lid off a plastic pot. “This should stop you getting bored while we're gone. I apologise for borrowing it from you.” Robin stated and Chopper felt the heat-cream smeared over his tightly bound balls...

“None for your cock, I want you to concentrate on your balls...especially seeing as they are so nicely bound.” she giggled before Nami wrapped a blindfold around the Doctor's eyes.
“Thank....thank you Robin.” Chopper gasped. The cream was already starting to take effect and stinging his balls more than usual, whether that was because his balls were so tight he didn't know, but soon he was alone and writhing on the bed as the stinging continued for a good 15 minutes.

As the stinging sensation began to abate Chopper could feel the room warm up, one of them must have turned up the cola powered heating system before leaving him and Chopper found himself becoming a little dozy. With his eyes closed behind his blindfold he feared he might fall asleep but just a few seconds he felt a waft of cool air as the bedroom door opened again. He heard it close and one of them was back on the bed, still dripping wet from the shower.

“There, wasn't so bad was it slave?” Nami's voice teased.
“No Nami.” he lied.
“Really....well that's odd. I made sure to sprout an extra eye and you looked like you were pretty were writhing about and hissing to yourself, it looked to me like your poor nuts were on fire....” Robin commented.
“Yes....Robin.” he conceded, hoping that it would dissuade her from increasing the level in the mixture again.

“So are you saying you lied to me when you said it wasn't that bad?” Robin asked. Chopper cringed.
“No, Robin, I just didn't want you to think that I was making a fuss.”
“Really....well, don't you worry...because we are going to cool your poor balls down for you.”
“Thank you Robin.”

“I wouldn't be too quick to thank see, I told Nami about that time I hurt my ankle before and how swollen it was. And you put that spray freeze on it....and that gave me an idea.” Chopper winced at the thought of having cold freezing spray applied to his still heated balls. “Unfortunately. I couldn't find where you kept it. So we'll just have to make do with some ice.”

Chopper heard the clink as Nami's fingers plucked the half melted cube from the glass and then felt it pressed against his left ball. Chopper couldn't help but jerk away, but that just gave Robin an excuse to slap his balls and then encircle them from behind with her thumb and forefinger, holding them still while Nami melted all of the ice in her glass against his ball sack one cube at a time.

“You don't flinch away when your Mistress is touching you slave, do you understand?” he heard Nami's voice tell him.
“Yes Nami.” Chopper apologised between breaths.
“Remember, these are my balls and I say what happens to them.” Robin added.
“Yes Robin.”
“So if she wants to heat them up, freeze them, tie them up, whip them, clip pegs all over them, squash them underfoot or rub them with nettles what are you going to say?” Nami asked.
“Thank you Robin.”

“That's right slave, 'Thank you Robin' and that way you might be spared the worst of it.” Nami giggled. Right now Chopper was shitting himself (or at least he would be if his arse hadn't been full of butt plug.) what had he unleashed here? Now it was two girls threatening him with stingy nettles. Satisfied that his balls were nice and cool and the melted water dripping between his thighs and pooling on the purple sheets beneath him, Nami leaned over and put the glass on the bedside table before straddling his chest and peeling the blindfold from around his head.

Chopper had been in the darkness for so long that he could hardly open his eyes at first, but gradually they began to get used to the light and he looked up to see Nami sitting over him naked with her hands on her hips.
“Well slave, what do you say?” she smirked. Robin giggled from nearby.
“Thank you Nami.”
“Don't make me prompt you every time slave, or you'll be sorry.”
“Yes Nami, sorry Nami.”
“Anyway, that's not what I meant slave...what do you have to say about me.”

“You look beautiful Nami....” after a few seconds Chopper sensed she was expecting more than that.
“Your breasts look so gorgeous Nami, especially when your nipples are so hard, I like looking up at you like this so much...” Nami smiled and leaned forward to offer her right nipple to his mouth.
“Suck it slave...and don't stop until I tell you.” she ordered.

Chopper greedily sucked on Nami's nipple, savouring the feel of the soft flesh and the hard bud on his tongue, unlike Robin no Hana Hana breast milk came out but as Chopper relaxed and began to enjoy himself Nami ever so slowly straightened up and Chopper had to crane his neck forward to keep his mouth in contact. Further and further she pulled away until Chopper was really struggling, shaking almost with the effort.

“Stop....well done slave.” Nami said pushing him back down onto the bed so that he could breathe back. “I like a slave that makes an effort.” she teased. Robin chuckled before sprouting arms and soon enough Nami too was laying back on her own bed, in exactly the same position as Chopper.
“Mmmm. I think my other naughty slave needs to earn her time with Chopper.” She stated, pulling out a ball gag and tying it around the Doctor's mouth.

Robin rummaged around in her drawer, before extracting the thing she had in mind.
“Ah, there it is.”
She turned to Chopper and he saw that she had selected one of the many toys she owned – a double sided dildo, the shorter half went in Nami's mouth and was then strapped to her head, letting a good six inches of plastic cock sticking out from her mouth. Robin fitted the toy to Nami's face, ordering her to raise her head so she could tie the straps on properly and then stood over her once more before lowering herself down onto the rigid fake cock.

Nami watched closely as Robin's pussy opened and slid down the length of the dildo, her finger was already gently toying with her clit as she rode her face, moaning gently as the plastic stretched her pussy. Soon she was soaking wet and taking the full length of the dildo into herself with each stroke, her juices dripping down onto Nami's face. Then she locked her knees holding herself still with just a couple of inches of the fake cock inside her.

“Fuck me.” She ordered. It was not all that easy for Nami, but she gave it her best shot, thrusting her face up to meet her dripping slit as she kept a steady rhythm on her clit with her outstretched finger. Eventually though the ache in Nami's neck became too strong and her thrusts began to weaken.
“Keep going slave.” Robin gasped. “I'm....nearly....there!”

Nami redoubled her efforts, desperate to please Robin and managed to keep going just long enough. Robin bore down on the dildo as she came, pushing Nami's head back into the bed. As the dildo was forced deep into her slippery hole floods of juice trickled down from her pussy onto her face, coating her cheeks and the underside of her chin.

Robin clutched the bedhead tightly as she pressed down harder still on Nami's face, which in turn pressed her side of the double-dildo further into her mouth. Robin moaned softly as she got the toy as deep as physically possible, triggering off little aftershocks of pleasure and then when she finally spent she slowly lifted herself off, leaving her pussy lips looking a little stretched and a beautiful deep pink. Nami wondered what they looked like after taking Chopper's monster of a cock inside her.

Robin stood up and turned to look at Chopper's cock, which was rock hard once more, especially with all the binding that was still wrapped around it. What Chopper hadn't realised when he bound his cock and balls was that every time his cock lost a little hardness the laces would slip a little and when Chopper got hard again that seemed to pull them a little bit tighter.

“I love this colour.” said Robin, admiring the balls, even under the brown fur it was beginning to become a deep purple, maybe we should paint the bedroom like that? I could take a photo of your balls and we, or rather you could go and get Franky to mix the paint up.”

Chopper looked at her aghast. “Only joking.” she chuckled, pausing a moment before adding. “I don't think it would go with the carpet...” Chopper closed his eyes for a second and almost imperceptibly shook his head, which was a mistake.
“Uh-oh, that's not allowed slave... you know who's in charge here don't you?”
“Yegshhh Rbbinnnnn” he said. His voice garbled by the ball strapped between his lips.
“And you don't want to upset me do you? Not when your balls are so vulnerable?”
“Nho Rbbbinnnn, Ihm sgorry Rbbbinnn.” Chopper begged, not sure if his balls could take any more punishment today.

“As long as we understand each other.” Robin spat on her fingers and turned around, bending at the waist to reach down and rub them back and forth along his shaft, the skin fixed solid by his tight bonds. Chopper gazed up at her gorgeous ass as he felt his cock get just a little bit harder still.
“Hmm?” she purred as she stroked his aching meat. “I know what you're doing, you're looking at my ass again aren't you slave?” Chopper nodded.

Robin reached behind herself and placed a hand on each buttock, slowly peeling them apart to reveal her tight pink hole.
“You love my ass don't you? Good, because I love that you love my ass. It means I can control you and I can control your cock. You'd do anything to lick my ass right now wouldn't you?” Chopper grunted his agreement as best as he could and Robin pulled her cheeks wider still, stretching her asshole so that it opened slightly. Chopper's cock bobbed slightly as he watched and Robin let out a little laugh.
“Oh yes. You love my asshole alright.”

She untied Nami and whispered something in her ear before pulling the strap-on off. Nami nodded, lifting her right leg, balancing it as best she could on the uneven surface of the bed and placed it on top of Chopper's swollen cock, she rubbed her food back and forth a few times and then pressed down as hard as she could. She tried a couple more times but realised her actions were having little effect.

Robin moved back up the bed and knelt on his huge chest again, before reaching around his head to undo the straps on the ball gag. Chopper felt the intruder exit his mouth but barely had time to draw a breath before she had flipped the double-dildo around and pushed the longer, pussy juice soaked side into his mouth and secured the straps. Now Chopper really couldn't talk and had to breath through his nose.

“Does it taste nice?” she asked. Chopper nodded, well that was about all he could do. She moved closer to him, her lovely large breasts rubbing against his muscled chest, her mouth right next to his ear.
“Can you guess what Nami is going to do now?” she whispered. “I'll give you a'd love to see it.”
Various images flashed through Chopper's mind. Had Robin finally made that slutty Reindeer body suit? Although at this moment he dared not speak his mind. “No idea? Oh dear, that means you don't get to watch.” Chopper sighed heavily, how the fuck did Robin get to be such a perfect bitch? Again she smiled and picked up the blindfold from where it had lay and wrapped it around his head.

“That's a shame. You would have loved it. But don't worry. I'll talk you through it.” Chopper was getting nervous now, his body was shaking a little and he was struggling slightly with the length of the dildo. But nothing could prepare him for what happened next.

He felt Robin move away and then heard her opening one of the drawers by the bed. Then he heard the lid coming off a pot. At first he thought she was going to put yet more gel on his poor balls and tensed his legs, but then he felt movement in his mouth as she applied something to the shorter, slightly narrower side of the dildo.

“Can you guess what I'm doing yet?” Robin asked from far away. It was Nami doing the work. “You are going to be so sorry you couldn't see this.” she must have literally plastered the dildo with Vaseline, judging by the amount of time she spent on it and by the time she'd finished he believe she was honestly going to do what he'd hoped she was right from the start.

Chopper tried hard to speak, but only garbles came out. He wanted to beg, to plead with her to remove the blindfold, but she ignored him, only speaking to him when she was ready. Robin bent close to him and whispered.

“Has my clever doctor figure it out now? What a pity, maybe next time you'll get to watch...if there is a next time.” Robin spoke. Tears of frustration formed in the corner of Chopper's eyes as he felt Nami climb back onto the bed and position herself over his face. Chopper moved his head, trying to see out of the corners of the blindfold, but this just brought a slap across his cock from Robin.

“Keep your head still, slave, I can't get it inside me if you keep moving around.”

There it was, confirmation. What torture to know that on just the other side of the thin piece of material his friend's ass was stretching around the other end of the dildo that he was holding in his mouth. Chopper was shaking now and his cock was painfully hard but all he could do was listen as Nami cursed and grunted as she slowly eased the prick shaped plastic into her tight-ass. As good as Robin's word. She talked Chopper right through it. Telling him how tight Nami's ass was and how good it was to finally have it stretched.

After a while the commentary stopped and Nami settled into a rhythm, gently fucking her arse against his face, while all Chopper could do was lay still and wait for her to finish. What made it worse was that he could feel her wet pussy lips rubbing against his chin every time she pushed down, Chopper just couldn't believe he could feel so turned on and so fucking frustrated at the same time.

After what seemed like an eternity (Robin said it had been ten minutes.) he felt her lift off one last time and then the straps were freed once more and the dildo pulled out of his mouth. Chopper took in a few great gulps of air while Robin removed the blindfold.

“Did you enjoy that?” She giggled mischievously. What kind of question was that? 'had he enjoyed it?' Chopper was beside himself. He wanted to tell her exactly what he thought of that little stunt, but after a few long moments of internal wrangling he realised that she was only giving him exactly what he would have asked for, only twisted to her advantage. He also knew that he wouldn't get anywhere by ranting and indeed would probably make things worse for himself.

“Yes....thank you Robin. Nami.” Robin smiled, barely able to suppress her amusement.
“And do you want to cum now?” she asked.
“If it pleases you Robin.”
“Hmmm,” she said as Nami gently began to stroke his cock and balls with her Vaseline coated fingers. “I don't know if it does or not..... I wonder how much you really want to cum.” Robin asked. Chopper resisted the urge to blurt out an answer to what was obviously a rhetorical question.

“Hmmm..... well let's see. So would you rather I allowed you to cum slave, or would you like to worship my lovely well fucked ass?” Robin smirked. “Because we never told you what we did in that shower. Did we?” she snickered. Chopper gulped. She was REALLY turning the screw now.
“Ummm. If I choose to cum, would you untie my cock and balls first?” Chopper asked.

“Would it make it better for you?” Robin asked. That was a trick question if there ever was one, but Chopper decided to appeal to her better nature, by telling the truth.
“Yes Robin....if I cum tied like this then I would hardly cum at all and I will barely feel a thing!” he explained.
“Really now...and that would be very frustrating wouldn't it?”
“Yes Robin...”
“Especially after everything you have went through today.”
“Yes Robin...”
“Hmmm, well Chopper....I think that you will have to take your chances.” she told him. “But personally I fail to see how you could contemplate your own satisfaction when I am offering you the chance to lick my beautiful, gaping ass.”

Nami's fingers were rubbing harder now, teasing his cock into submission and making him wonder if he could last much longer without cumming anyways. He had to make a decision now or else risk being punished.

“Please may I worship your ass Robin!” he exclaimed. A pause as Robin considered his request, Nami still toying with his poor cock. Then a terse response.
“Yes Chopper. You may....but the three minutes I was going to permit you will now be reduced to one. So make the most of it.”
“Yes Robin. Thanks Robin.” he said excitedly.

Robin mounted his face one more time and he felt his cock twitch as he saw Robin's asshole. It glistened lightly with the remnants of lubrication she had used, and Chopper felt powerless to resist the urge to push his tongue inside. It slipped in easily and he relished the feeling of tongue fucking his lover's ass far deeper than ever before. After the first 30 seconds or so, Robin started to push her ass back against his tongue and Nami's hands moved down to his cock, scratching it with her long nails as she counted down the last ten seconds.

Robin lifted her ass away from his face and his head sank back onto the bed.
“Thank you Robin!” Chopper cried out, half delirious with pleasure.
“You love my ass don't you?” Robin teased.
“I really do!”
“I know you do.” Robin giggled. “And as a reward, and since I'm in a good mood, I have decided that I'm going to allow you to cum after all...” she added. Chopper smiled to himself, but he should have known better.

“But what you told me before intrigued I will not take the laces off and of course anything that you do manage to shoot out will be going in your mouth. Do you understand?” she asked. Chopper nodded.

Nami took hold of his steel hard cock and without any great pretence simply started to pump it as hard as she possibly could. It took maybe thirty seconds for him to get that familiar feeling, that moment you know there's no going back. But as he bucked against his bonds and her hand, his cock released just a few pathetic drops of spunk and he could barely feel it at all. Nami continued pumping his cock until it started to soften but it was no use. The laces had well and truly ruined it for him.

“Geez. I thought you said he could fill a bucket.” Nami complained, pressing her fist against it. “Damn Robin, he's so pathetic.” she was teasing. Chopper knew it.
“Open your mouth.” said Robin as she scooped up what little cream he had produced and smeared it on his lips.

“So was it as bad as you thought?” she asked, barely able to hide the satisfaction in her voice and she must have known from the look on his face, but he guessed she wanted to hear it from him anyway.

“Yes Robin...”
“Really. So then you wouldn't want that to become a permanent feature of our relationship then?”
“No Robin...”
“Well, you'd better keep me happy then hadn't you? Because you don't get to decide, do you?”
“No Robin...”
“Who gets to decide slave?” Nami asked.
“Robin does.”
“And why is that Slave?” Nami asked.
“Because she owns my cock and balls.” Chopper told her.
“That's right Chopper. And what else?”
“My ass and my mouth.”

There was giggling between the two.
“Well now. Don't you forget it.” Robin chuckled.

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