One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 5

Chopper finished writing down the new notes on the older woman. He was quite surprised at the results, he never knew human women could take so much up their rear end with out damaging it to an extent in which it wouldn't close back again. He also now knew why humans loved the thrill of anal sex. The thought of having Robin's tight asshole clamped around his huge cock, milking it again was almost enough to get him hard.

Chopper shook his head. He shouldn't be having these thoughts! He was a Reindeer! It just wasn't right. Although he was also part human. And Humans had these sort of urges too. He closed his eyes and let his huge body sigh. He was neither one nor the other. He felt his human cock throb, it had been a few days since he'd gotten a few hours alone with Robin and it was driving him insane. He bit his lip before deciding that enough was enough. It was time to find her and 'record' some new data.

Robin was silent as she sipped at the wine, she watched the rest of the crew going about their business. For a moment she wondered where Miss Navigator, Nami had gotten to these days but quickly expelled it once she eyed the good Doctor making his rounds. He'd became somewhat distant from the rest of the crew, while he spent just as much time goofing off with Luffy and Usopp as he usually did he seemed to be taking more interest in his studies these days.

Robin chuckled as he stopped to look at her, an uncomfortable moment between the two. Robin uncomfortably adjusted her clothes, ones she'd worn for just this moment, in a bid to entice him. It was in sorts an apologetic costume, having been the same one she'd left him in.

The tight leather one piece top and dress combo clung desperately to Nico Robin's body, so tight it must have took her a good while to manage to squeeze into the damn thing, a single zip was pulled down enough to keep Robin decent but far down enough to allow anyone to enjoy the view of her incredible bust. The short skirt stopped just shy of her butt, and although Robin thought that the skirt itself had shrunk she hadn't paid it any mind. Long black leather boots reached all the way up to her thighs. All in all it was supposed to be the perfect apology. Allow Chopper to fuck her in the same get up she was wearing back then.

Of course the entire point in wearing those clothes in Water 7 had been to entice the young Doctor into violently taking her in one of the many winding back alleys (preferably in her own back alley) before they reached the bookstore. Hell the whole point of the short skirt was to allow him a peek of her underwear (or lack of.) however the Doctor just enjoyed her company, paying no mind to what she wasn't wearing.

How things had changed. Robin knew now that she'd have to beat the Doctor off with a stick to stop him from. Hell. Raping her in such a getup (was it rape if she was really willing? Robin didn't care either way.) she could already feel her juices flowing at such a thought. Of course Chopper being Chopper she presumed that he would never do such a thing. Chopper had turned away again, going back on his way to do his rounds. Her chance had gone.

“Ah! And how are you doing today?” Robin's thoughts were disturbed by the Skeleton appearing in front of her, cup of tea in his hand and eyeless sockets staring at her. “Would you like some company? You seem to be rather lonely.” he stated, sipping his tea with an undignified slurp.
“I'm fine thank you. I was expecting Chopper to ask if we could study together. Appears I was wrong.” she smiled back at him. Brook nodded.

“Ah. He's lucky to have one such as you looking out for him.” Brook continued before another slurp. Robin just smiled and closed her eyes.
“Of course. I wouldn't mind if you shown me your panties.” Brook spoke again. Robin opened her eyes to see the Skeleton bent over, easily trying to eye (if he had eyes) a peak of her panties from under her short skirt.

Hands sprouted from Brook's torso and wrapped around his skeleton body before attempting to snap the Musician in half. Brook bent backwards and let out a scream before the hands retreated, allowing the Skeleton to go on his way.

Robin stood up, she felt a cool drop run down from her pussy and down her long leg. She had to get the Doctor now and quick.

Robin found Chopper alone in the Aquarium. Surprisingly there was no-one else around. She bit her lips and quickly locked both of the doors, it was a usual thing. If one of the crew members were having a nap in here then it would be considered fine to lock the door and allow them some peace and quiet.

“You've been avoiding me.” Robin commented. Chopper scrunched his face up.
“Sorry! I been busy!” Chopper stated. Robin simply closed her eyes and shrugged. She could feel him already eyeing up the outfit. Was it doing it's job.
“Then I think you'll have to be punished then.” she stated.

A few moments later and Chopper was sat on one of the chairs in his large form. Robin sat next to him, eyeing him.
“I want you to masturbate.” she smirked. Chopper stared at her.
“But....but....Reindeer don't.” Chopper gasped. Robin simply pulled at her zip, watching his eyes bulge as more of her cleavage came into view.
“Oh? Don't you find me attractive enough? I WAS going to dress as a Reindeer for you later. But I doubt you'd find that stimulating would you? Or how about a slutty nurse?” she teased. “I could wear it every time you had to perform a major operation.” she stated, blowing slightly on his ear.

Chopper closed his eyes and nodded, his large hand beginning to stroke his cock, hardening it up. Robin could feel her pussy moistening; just being next to him and slyly watching him stroke his dick was enough to turn her on.
“Does it feel wrong? To think of me this way?” Robin asked. “A Reindeer jacking off in front of a woman?” Robin asked, looking at him.
“I can't stop thinking about you like this, Robin.” Chopper groaned. “I know it's wrong but but..” his hand sped up. “You're hot as hell, you've got a fantastic ass and those tits are just... and you look horny too!” he announced. “I wanna marry you!” he demanded. Robin pulled back slightly. Was this an actual proposal or was he just in the mood.

“And yet it's wrong.” Robin said, dropping her gaze and finding herself staring at his cock. Hell, at this point she wouldn't say no. It twitched as she watched, a thick blob of pre-cum spilling out of the end and running down the shaft only to be spread out by his large moving hand.
“I know!” Chopper screamed. “But I dun care! I'm a human too! I have human urges and I wanna do them with you Robin! I wanna knock you up and give you Reindeer babies. And I wanna be a father and and and!” he gasped, stopping as Robin's lips pressed against his. Robin pulled back and smiled.

“We'll have a conversation later.” she stated. Her own heart throbbing as the Doctor poured his heart out. “Preferably when you aren't beating it.” she teased. “This is supposed to be a scientific experiment.”
“Robin...can....can you show me your boobs?” Chopper asked, having forgotten the entire speech he'd done in favour of staring at the woman's cleavage again. Robin smiled and nodded, pulling the zip all the way down and pulling her breasts out.

“Normally I wouldn't allow it. It takes me a good while to get into this.” she told him. “But since you are being a good boy.” she smiled. Chopper licked his lips as he stared at the woman's big breasts, his hand speeding up his cock. “Can...can you hold them together? I wanna see you cupping them!” he announced.

Shuddering with excitement, her nipples hard. Robin took her breasts into her hands and pushed them together, her cleavage deep and inviting. She wasn't too surprised when Chopper stood up in front of her, his huge cock pointing at her. Robin watched the big knob bounce in front of her as his hand worked up and down the shaft.

“There's nothing wrong about this!” Chopper decided. “This is what I've been dreaming about since I met you!” He stepped forward just as a string of pre-cum slipped out of his cock and fell heavily between her tits. Robin could feel the thick, slimy fluid easing between her big, round breasts and gasped, her pussy clenching between her legs, juices starting to flow quickly.

“I...I'm gonna fuck them!” Chopper announced, gently sawing his cock in and out of her cleavage. Without protest Robin knelt down and between Chopper's legs, freely holding her breasts apart to allow him to push his rigid dick between them, before she wrapped them round his cock once more.

“So....soft.” Chopper sighed. “Your boobs are the best Robin!” he said as she began moving her huge breasts up and down his dick. Robin's pussy was awash with juices, her nipples harder than they had ever been. She moaned when the cock pushed up through her breasts, the hot meat pressing against her face.

“Robin...will....will you suck it?” Chopper asked, he had taken the whole situation into his own hands and was in control. “You know you want to.” he added. And god help her he was right, she realised. Robin dipped her head and as the top half pushed itself from between her big tits, she opened her mouth and flicked out her tongue.

It was Chopper's turn to moan as he both saw and felt her tongue lash around the thick knob of his dick, eagerly lapping at the pre-cum that flowed from the end before she moved again and engulfed his cock in her mouth.

Chopper cried out as he watched her bobbing up and down on his length. Robin could barely control herself. She loved the feeling of his huge cock between her tits and in her mouth. She loved the taste of his pre-cum and could barely wait to make him shoot off, giving her the cum she so desperately needed. It was then that she realised that she loved Chopper, probably as much as he loved her.

“Robin! I'm gonna cum!” Chopper announced, as if reading her mind. He grunted as his cock lurched out and spat a thick wad of spunk that landed on Robin's face, laying from her hairline, over her eye and down her cheek before running along her jaw. Another followed, laying another huge line over her face before another came and another. His cock churned out cum time and again, some of it ending up in her open mouth, a lot coating her face before he hunched over and pointed his dick at her tits. Still he came, shooting rope after rope across her huge tits before standing back up and easing his dick back between her lips, sighing as his lover eagerly swallowed the last few spurts.

Chopper continued to hump Robin's breasts, large hands teasing Robin's hard nipples as he did so. Robin panted, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the touch. She could feel her own orgasm coming over her. God, Chopper hadn't even touched her down there and she was starting to cum. Chopper's huge fingers pinched as her hard breasts, inducing another round of stimulation.

“Your nipples are really sensitive, aren't they?” Chopper remarked. Robin cringed before letting her orgasm to take over. Chopper was surprised when he saw what happened, sharp abrupt bursts of milk ran out of Robin's hard nipples before running down her body. Robin moaned as another small amount of milk dribbled out.

“ came out. My Hana Hana breast milk.” Robin panted. Chopper raised an eyebrow.
“This is a side-effect of the Hana Hana fruit?” Chopper asked with a gasp. Robin nodded. He could already feel the urge to write this down.

What should they do next?

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