One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 3

“I'd imagine the best course of action would be to start with that Reindeer form of yours.” Robin smiled. Chopper bit his lip, he hadn't imagined that it would have been him whom was to do the testing. Granted the best way to conduct an experiment was to put yourself into it. Fully.

He watched as Robin begun to undress. She begun by unbuttoning her top, each button allowing more and more of her large breasts to the air, eventually it fell to the floor. Robin smiled, baby pink lipstick shining as she watched Chopper eyeing her. For a Reindeer that didn't care about the female body he was sure paying enough attention.

“Aren't you going to go into your Reindeer form?” she asked. Chopper yelped and nodded, quickly changing into the form suited for the job. Robin licked her lips and continued to undress, her tight pants came off next, allowing Chopper full view of the woman's long legs. Robin continued the teasing by pulling down her black thong and playfully tossing the lacy string at Chopper, the Reindeer yelped as it became almost entangled in his antlers.

Robin finished the strip by unclasping the strap on her bra, she considered tossing it at the Reindeer again but instead simply allowed the bra to drop to the floor and allow her large breasts to sag naturally in the cool air.

“Well then? Shall we get started?” Robin ask, dropping to her knees. Chopper watched her before nervously trotting over to her. While doing so Robin employed the help of several spare limbs in order to relieve the good Doctor of his trademark shorts.

Chopper stood, a proud reindeer (complete with pink hat and thong dangling from antlers.) as he made his way over to his mate. Robin smiled as she felt his warm fur brush against her breasts, the cold Reindeer nose brushing against her sensitive nipples before Chopper smiled up at her.

Robin smiled, moving her head slightly to meet the Doctor's lipless mouth, her lips pressing against it as she moved in, her own tongue meeting his and becoming lost, enveloped between the long Reindeer tongue.

Robin mused the idea in her head of the reality of the situation. Most women would have immediately have been turned away from being in a position like this with an animal, yet Robin was taking it one step further, allowing her tongue to wriggle in the little jacket it was encased in. Saliva was dribbling from Chopper's mouth and Robin shivered a little as a glob of his dribble plopped down onto a breast before making it's way down the large orb.

Eventually the kiss subsided and Chopper moved down, making sure to rub his fur against her nipples. His long rough tongue pressed flat against the puffy lips of her cunt, sliding along their length, Robin groaned as the lips part and the tip of the tongue laps at her swollen clit, pushing Chopper's blue nose in deeper, nuzzling the flesh, the Reindeer's teeth raking the nub as though the Doctor knew what buttons to press to elicit an uncontrollable response. And why wouldn't he? This particular Reindeer was a Doctor.

Robin chuckled, imagining the look on the faces at all the men she'd encountered over the years, all of those who eyed her up in the streets or muttered something indecent about her. What their faces must have been like if they could see her, being eaten out by a Reindeer of all things.

Robin's thighs parted wider, hips thrusting upwards, the animal tongue sliding lower, teasing her aching flesh. Once more Chopper's teeth began to rake against her clit once again, the long thick tongue dips into her hole, pushing in, Robin's muscles begin to clench around the invader, Chopper simply pushes deeper, stretching the muscles, fitting her hole. Robin screamed out, body trembling, shaking as she felt the teeth, the probing tongue against her spasming inner walls, pushing her to the edge. Robin closed her eyes tight, her hands sliding into the soft fur of the Reindeer, gripping the back of his head, grinding up against the tongue, lost in the pleasure of her orgasm.

Robin opened her eyes after coming down from the orgasm. Her breast heaved as she awaited the Doctor's next move. Surprisingly he was more enthralled in writing down notes for his research than he was with satisfying the woman further. In this Heavy state his large cock stood erect, dribbling pre-cum.

Chopper yelped as he felt hands squeezing his balls. Robin closed her eyes, two hands pulling and stretching the large testicles as far as they could go, furthermore an extra amount of hands pinched and poked at the balls. Chopper screamed, his face pale as she continued with the torture.
“Aren't you forgetting something?” Robin asked, tightening her grip, Chopper's balls beginning to turn an unhealthy shade. Suddenly there was a squeak and Chopper came, his balls emptying a large amount of semen across the floor of the surgery, followed by a numerous amounts of follow up spurts.

“My my. Looks like a certain little Doctor enjoys having his cock and balls tortured.” Robin chuckled. Chopper blushed, wiggling his body.
“I don't! No! Hate it!” he exclaimed. Robin just chuckled, arms sprouting from his torso and violently jacking the large cock. “Stop it! Stop!” globs of cum dribbling down as she pumped it.
“Seems like down here says otherwise.” Robin chuckled, moving onto the bed, and stretching her pussy.

“Of course you are supposed to be using your Reindeer penis.” she chuckled. Chopper closed his eyes and nodded, reverting back into the Reindeer form. Robin yelped as almost immediately as the Reindeer mounted her. Chopper's long Reindeer cock brushed against her waist. After a few awkward jerks the long cock eventually pushed itself into Robin's belly button.

“A little further down Chopper.” Robin gasped, Chopper simply grunted. “You know Robin...I watch you... all beautiful, craving the touch and use of a man. Needing to be taken, mated, claimed and I'm gonna do that. I claim you as my mate. I take your body as mine and I will use you like you have dreamed all of those lonely nights.” he announced. Robin smiled, the tip of his cock trailing over Robin's skin as it moved down to her cunt, leaving a trail of Reindeer pre-cum against her creamy thighs.

“You don't need to say that every time we...mate.” Robin smiled, stroking at the Reindeer's neck. She presumed it was some sort of ritual from the Reindeer. To prove his dominance to the mate. Chopper's long face looked down at Robin as the tip of his Reindeer penis in and out, smiling as he sees Robin's breath catch in her throat, her hips thrusting forward and trying to impale herself deeper on his hard member.

“Yessssss. I need....I want to be your mate, pleaseeee.” Chopper didn't say a word to this, just thrusting his hips forward, impaling her on his throbbing animal cock, her legs snaking around his body, tightly, pulling his body closer to hers, deeper within her. Chopper began to thrust in and out of her. Over and over, slamming against her cervix, her body trembling with the impact of each blow.

Robin groaned, arms burying into the thick fur of the Reindeer, Chopper's huge back arched, jerked, a deep howl filled the surgery as his seed buried within her womb. Robin shook, her eyes closing, the next wave of an intense orgasm washing over her.

Then the weight lessened. Robin turned her head slowly to once again stare into the wide eyes of the young Doctor.
“All done!” Chopper announced, hopping off her, leaving a trail of sticky love piss from his member to her pussy and returned to his notes.

“Very good! Very good!” he announced, jotting down some notes. “So you really like animal penis. Huh?” he mused.
“And you really like humans.” Robin chuckled. “And having your huge balls tortured.” she giggled. Chopper glared at her.
“Compliments don't make me happy! Asshole! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!” he blushed before checking with his notebook.

“Lets continue immediately!” he announced. Robin gasped.
“You really enjoy this. Don't you?”

“How about...”

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