One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 2

Dr. Chopper's personal files. (Stuff in brackets are Notes filled in by Nico Robin.)

Mugiwara Crew member: Tony Tony Chopper
Position: Doctor, (Ship's Stud)
Age: 15 – In Human Years. 24 – In Reindeer years
Species: Reindeer/Human.

Height: ???? Smallest member of the crew in Walking and Brain Point forms, Third tallest in Heavy Point (I think you are probably taller than Franky in your Heavy Point form Mr. Doctor.) Tallest in Monster Point.
Weight: ????? Varies in form.
Other Notes:

Ate the Model: Human fruit. Able to transform his body at will. Has a wide variety of Human and Reindeer forms.

Known Medical Problems:

Cannot control ones self after eating more than one Rumble Ball in quick succession. (That could be rather fun. fufufu)
Left antler damaged and broken. Fixed now.
Due to a Reindeer sometimes has problems 'getting it up' for human females. (Nothing a blow job cannot handle. Fufufu.)
Depending on the form can produce sperm of up to 500ml in a single orgasm (I don't see how this can be considered a problem at all.)

(Skilled at cunninglus and rim jobs, big thick tongue due to Reindeer. Not very skilled at kissing. Cock sucking skills = ??? Perhaps I should look into this further? Fufufu.)

Hands: (Large fingers in heavy point, huge arms. Perfect for fisting. Reindeer forms and Brain point are just hooves.)

Ass: (Not very skilled in anal endevours. Something I hope to change very soon. Very tight when it comes to rimjobs)

Penis Size:
Brain: 2 inches long while erect. 1 inch in width. Similar to that of a Human Male
Walk: 8 inches long while erect. Similar to that of a Reindeer
Heavy: 15 inches long, 4 inches wide. Similar to that of a Human Male (I don't think I've seen any Humans THAT big Mr. Doctor...)
Horn: 12 inches long while erect. Similar to that of a Reindeer, however can knot.
Guard: ???? (I never could find it there. Too fuzzy.)
Jumping: 8 inches long while erect. Similar to that of a Reindeer
Arm: 9 inches long while erect. Similar to that of a Reindeer.
Monster: No Data Acquired. Too Dangerous. Roughly 2 meters long in length. 0.5 meters long in width.


(Brain: Cute tiny balls, very easy to stimulate and play with, I'm able to get both into my mouth at once.
Heavy: Huge balls, the size of large apples. Able to produce fascinating amounts of sperm.
Walk: Furry balls, due to being a reindeer are sometimes hard to locate.
Horn: See Walk
Jump: Large balls, the size of tangerines.
Arm: See Jump
Guard: Unknown. Cannot find.
Monster: Ridiculously large. Would be tiresome and fun to try and drain these things.)

Other notes: (Chopper is very passionate when it comes to sex. As a Reindeer he doesn't find humans sexually appealing. He says he only has sex when in need of mating or when in love. Or so he claims. Can be quite cute when attempting dirty talk.)

Reading Books,
Fun Games,
Fun things,
Doctor stuff,
My friends.
Being a strong pirate.

(….I thought this was supposed to be sexual stuff Chopper?)

Scary things,
Angry people,
People hurting my friends,
Dun wanna have sex with boys. Only girls. Or with girl Reindeer. (Girl Reindeer...hmmmm. I suppose I could make a suit.)

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