One Piece Specimen: Robin chapter 1

Chopper studied his papers, each one compiled with extensive data on the female form, specifically on the one female he'd actually managed to successfully 'mate' with. One Nico Robin. He looked up and watched as she sat on the edge of the surgery's bed, her long legs crossed as she read her book silently. Chopper studied them again, saying nothing.

Dr. Chopper's Medical Reports

Mugiwara Crewmember: Nico Robin
Position: Archaeologist
Age: 28 (But won't admit it.)

Height: 188cm (6'2'') Fourth Tallest member of the crew (Excluding My other forms she is Third)
Weight: Unkown. DO NOT try and ask her again.
B99-W59-H89 (I-Cup)

Known Medical Problems:
Allergic to certain cheeses (Makes her body have into a blue hue.)
Stitches between her breasts, she attempted to fix the wound herself, re-stitched personally.
Minor wounds from Skypiea, no further problems.
Once frozen, thawed out, sometimes is sensitive to the cold. Probably because of ill-fitting clothes.
Various gum problems due to incident in Enies Lobby, sometimes complains about her teeth hurting due to it.
Lost Shadow at one point, body burned. Is fine now. No further problems.
Multiple psychological problems due to her past. Not so bad at the moment. Anxiety tablets prescribed for her to take as and when needed.
Asked me to give her an enema once, complains sometimes of constipation (None since prescribing regular anal sex.)

Chopper nodded to himself, making a mental note of some of the things before continuing on to the next page, he giggled at the rather crude image he'd drawn of the woman, over-exaggerated in certain areas along with some more notes.

Lips: Even a powerful enemy would be brought to it's knees upon receiving a deep kiss (at least I was.) Very good at giving oral (but sometimes struggles due to size.) she likes sucking cocks and licking assholes

Armpits: Sometimes when she gets aroused it gets really sweaty, a nice flowery aroma has been confirmed.

Breasts/Nipples: Large breasts, sometimes when she gets aroused milk oozes out from her nipples. (I don't think she's given birth.)

Pussy: No longer a virgin, she's had a lot of experiences from me alone in the front. Kinda tight too.

Ass: Prefers to have sex in here. She says young masochist guys (I don't know what this means) like her to sit on them with it. She loves having her ass fisted too. It's really sensitive and she sometimes cums.

Hands: Long fingers and very experienced at fingering and handjobs on both male and females.

Other: She ate the Hana Hana Fruit and so can sprout as many limbs as she wants. In battle she mainly just uses hands (sometimes feet too.) but recently she once sprouted a whole room full of boobs (they were really bouncy! Like a Bouncy castle!) and sometimes sprouts an ass or a mouth too. She says that being her lover is like having a harem.

Chopper finished with the diagram and then turned to the final page. He looked up at the patient as she sat, licking her lips and watching him out of the corner of his eye. He'd asked her about if there was anything she'd like or dislike to do. Sexually that was.

Sissy Boys,
Animals, (Mammals)
Rim-jobs (especially on young boys aged between 10-18)
Big cocks,
Small/Tiny cocks,
Femdom/Feminising young boys
Pussy sex,
Futa Girls,

Regular guys,
Fat guys,
Anyone that requires to take something in order to get it up. (Rumble Ball exempt. So many possibilities!)

And the list went on. Chopper could only stare at the list and up at Robin whom gave him a wink.
“Um...I..I think you were a little too direct.” he stammered, Robin shrugged it off.
“You asked me to state things and I did so.” she told him, with a soft smile. “I always tell you that I have no problem with providing you with Data. As long as it's in the interest of Health and Science.” she told him.

“I'm conducting an experiment.” he dared not look her in the eye. “About the female form. I want to find out what girls like more. What they react to when faced with certain predicaments and species. It's more of a sex thing really.” he muttered.

Robin nodded silently before smiling.
“And I take it you now need to do a 'hands on' approach?” she asked. Chopper nodded slowly. Robin paused.
“Very well. If it's in the interest of science then I believe we should start right away.” she smiled.

Chopper smiled, before looking over at the sheets of paper.
“Well where do you want to start first?”

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