timmy's best day - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 : Icky Vick
.    As soon as he saw Trixie entered the room, Timmy wished to be able to hear what was going on and was reward with what looked like a stethoscope which he placed on the glass. He watched the two girls pleasure each other with unusual attention. Through out most of the ordeal, Timmy’s cock was pressing painfully against his shorts, but he was to enthralled to do anything about it. At the point where Veronica went down on Trixie, the problem took care of itself as he exploded in his pants.

.    As the girls left the room laughing, Timmy crept from the bushes back into the road where he didn’t look so suspicious. He looked down at his wrist bands and said “ That was amazing you guys! The way they were yelling and Veronica licked her like an ice cream cone. I wonder how it tastes? It must be good. And the were putting stuff inside her, fingers, pencils, even that marker.”

.    Timmy gasped for breath. “ Timmy, sweety, don’t you think you should calm down? You’re going to collapse if you don’t”

.    A crazy look entered Timmy’s eye. At this moment Wanda knew Timmy had the potential to b a real lech. “ I can’t. I gotta know more. I didn’t know about any of this yesterday. I can only imagine what else there is!”. He took out his map.

.    “ Well, Trixie’s house is near here, but she isn’t home. So I’ll go to Vicky’s. Maybe I can catch her with a boy!”. Wanda-band and Cosmo-band glanced at each other. Timmy was distracted now, but it was only a matter of time before he asked them about sex, and this would be bad. After that moment tho, Timmy was off, following his map.

.    He arrived at Vicky’s two story house. He noticed that there weren’t any cars in the driveway, and for a moment thought that nobody was home. Then he noticed that the second story window was open “ I wish for a ladder, and that I was see through.”. A moment later and the wish was granted.

.    He set the ladder beneath the window and climbed to the top. The sun was on the other side, so the room was not well lit. In a pool of light cast by a lamp there was a girl slumped in an armchair. She had red hair and wore a green shirt that showed off her small breasts and flat stomach, and a pair of black paints. In one hand she held a large glass of dark liquid that was half empty.  Her pink eyes were half close and small bubbles popped around her head, she was drunk.

.    Timmy noticed that she had one hand down the front of her pants, forming a large lump there. He jumped, almost falling off the ladder as she said “  Stupid Todd, dumping me like that,”.  Timmy managed to realize that Vicky was talking to nobody, and was apparently quite upset.

.    The bulge in her pants squirmed. ‘ God I’m so horny. I haven’t had Sex in a days. Stupid Todd, with his stupid big cock [ “ Told you Timmy!” Cosmo said at this ] that fit so nicely in my throbbing pussy,” As she said this, the lump moved around for emphases on a few choice words.

.    “ Well, if I can’t get cock, then I’m going to have to get off  have to something else,” Vicky said to the empty room, and the boy outside although she didn’t know it. “ Tootie! Get in here!” She yelled, placing the drink on the floor.

.    Tootie peeked her head around the corner. “ What? I did all your chores already,” She said cautiously. Living with Vicky was one nightmare after the next. And with their parent’s out who knows what diabolical scheme she was planning.

.    “Come here twerpet,” She said, smiling a sharks smile at her sister as she walked in front of her.

.    “ Eww, what are you doing?” Tootie asked, seeing her sister with her hand stuffed down her pants.

.    “ Getting off,” Vicky snapped back at her. “ Now dance squirt!” she command.

.    “ What, but, I “ Tootie said, flabbergasted.

.    “ Shake that ass for me!” Vicky command, “ Or else I’ll tell mom you were looking at Dad’s dirty magazines.”

.    “ But I don’t even know what a dirty magazine looks like,” Tootie whined, already knowing defeat was eminent.

.    “ Well who are they gonna believe, you or these high resolution full colored, expertly doctored photographs?” She said, producing a handful of Polaroid pictures.

.    Tootie’s lip trembled, and with an unbelievable sad look in her eyes, she began to shuffle back and forth. Vicky’s toothy, shark-like grin spread wider, along with her legs.

.            Chapter 7 : Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

.    “ My it’s hot in here,” Vicky said, still working her hand methodically beneath her pants. “ Isn’t it hot my dear sister? Wouldn’t you be much more comfortable naked?” She said, her tone as sweet as could be.

.    Tootie looked scared and managed to squeak out, “ But,”

.    “ Now!,” vicky yelled harshly.

.    Tootie let out a long sniff and  unbuttoned her vest, she took it off, folded it carefully and set it to the side. She fumbled with the buttons on the undershirt, but finally managed to get off. She folded it and laid it next to the shirt.  With the window wide open, it was almost chilly in the room. The center of Tootie’s breasts were shrunk to hard little cherry pits. She blushed and cupped her hands over them.

.    Vicky licked her lips and said sharply “ Now the rest,”

.    She shivered a little, and closed her eyes. She moved first one hand then the other down to her skirt and pushed it down to her ankles. Now she was standing there just in her panties. These she pulled down  so that both her panties and skirt were sitting in a poll beneath her feet. ( At that point, Timmy had to clamp his hand over his mouth to keep from crying out as he got a wonderful view of Tootie bending over.) She kicked this toward the clothes pile.

.    Tootie was built like a typical girl her age. She had no real breasts to speak of, a round little tummy, and a smooth hairless mound. The latter she covered with her hands, her eyes downcast and sparkling with reserved tears.

.    “ Now that’s more like it,” Vicky said, massaging herself still. “ Now Dance,” she commanded.

.    Tootie gave a weak, watery sigh and began to shuffle back and forth, swinging her arms from side to side. This absolute indignity drove Vicky to high levels of pleasure. If only she were riding someone’s fuck-stick then she would be in heaven.

.    After a few minutes, Vicky snapped, “  Alright that’s enough,” and finally took her hand out of her pants.  “ Now I’m hot, take these off,” she grinned, and patted her pants.

.    Tootie walked timidly forward, and with a grimace began to tug on the sides of the pants. Vicky stayed as a dead weight, enjoying every minute of her sister’s  struggle. Finally, she managed to get them off, a bit a sweat gleaming on her forehead.

.    Vicky was wearing a pair of lacy white panties underneath. Through them, you could see her bristly red bush and the outline of her pussy lips. The front was stained with wetness.

.    “ Now these, “ Vicky commanded. But as Tootie reached for them, Vicky said, “ Not like that twerppette, use your teeth, “  she emphasized teeth by clicking her together into a viscous leer.

.    Tootie looked horrified at this, “ But, but, that’s nasty, you can’t make me..” she faltered on this last word as Vicky produced the photo’s again.  Tootie’s lips trembled and her eyes wavered, but she opened her mouth and moved forward.

.    The smell coming from between Vicky’s legs was terrible, but Tootie didn’t have any choice. ’ I wonder if therapy will get rid of this memory’ she thought as she clamped her teeth down on the rim. She tugged downward like a dog pulling of a rope. As it pulled down, the bristly hair tickled her nose. When she cleared Vicky’s pink lips, which were slick with juice, vicky lunged her hips forward, sending Tootie’s face into her crotch.

.    Tootie squealed in surpise and fell backwards with a thump, letting go of the panties. The smelly liquid was covering her nose and made her feel queasy. Vicky just laughed at this and slipped the underwear the rest of the way off, tossing it in Tootie’s face. She gave a little scream and flung the dripping panties across the room, prompting more cruel laughter from her sister.

.    “ What’s wrong Twerpette? Don’t you like my pussy?”  Vicky laughed, “ Well you better get used to it, because until I get a boyfriend, you are going to be seeing a lot more of it!”

.    Tootie didn’t even notice this, her eyes were red from holding back her tears and she was wiping the sticky-stinky fluid off her face with her shirt.

.    Vicky stood up, swaying a little on her feet, and walked over to Tootie, striping off her shirt and bra as she went ( these she just tossed into her closet ).  “ Lick my feet,” She demanded.

.    “ Yuck,” Tootie said, “ If I do that I’ll throw up,”

.    “ You better not, or else,” Vicky produced those picture out of nowhere again.

.    Tootie was on the verge of tears as she bent to lick her naked sister’s feet. She ran her tongue on the top of the foot, tasting the salty skin, but Vicky was not satisfied with just that. Steadying herself using her bed post, she lifted one foot and commanded, “ Suck the toes,”. Tootie plopped one of the toes in her mouth and gagged at the sweaty, disgusting taste. As she suckled it through waves of nausea, she looked up and saw Vicky was rubbing the small nub at  the top of her pussy, immensely enjoying her sister’s discomfort.

.    Vicky soon became bored with this, and an absolutely disgusting idea came into her head. “ That enough,” she said, pulling her toes out of her mouth. “ Now stand up.”

.    Tootie stood up, momentarily hopeful that this torture would end soon.  Vicky placed her feet shoulder length apart with her clit pointing at Tootie’s forehead. She pulled the lips wide open, revealing her moist insides.

.    At  this point, Tootie’s hopes were sunk. Still she couldn’t help but be a little curious. She had a full view of her sister’s insides. She stared in spite of herself.

.    “ Now open wide,” Vicky said, and made a grunting noise. Tootie was beyond fighting now and opened wide.  A second later, a rush of yellow liquid spurted from Vicky, striking Tootie first in the chin, then Vicky aligned herself and it went straight down her throat.

.    Tootie gagged as she felt her sister’s warm, salty piss slide down her throat. She instinctively doubled over, retching, the taste stuck on her tongue. She heard Vicky laughing hard and felt the pee flowing over her hair and down her back. This was too much for the little girl and she began to cry.

.    Vicky saw her sister crying, and her loins felt like they were on fire. She was close to a killer orgasm, as good or maybe better then when her boyfriend had fucked her. Just one more thing she needed to set her over the edge, and usher a whole new meaning of torture to her poor little sister.

.    When her stream had dried up, she smiled down at her sister and said, “ You didn’t swallow, that’s a bad girl, now you have to be punished,”

.    Through heavy sobs and a desperate need to gag, she choked out, “ But, you didn’t say that I had to,”

.    “ Are you calling me a liar?!” Vicky yelled and grabbed her by the hair. “ Ow, Ow, Ow!” Tootie howled, new tears falling on her cheeks. Vicky forced her onto the bed, but only so that her front half was on the bed. Her legs dangled, and he butt was left exposed in a very lewd position.

.    “Well, we have to do something about that.” Vicky said. She walked over to her drawer rummaged around before pulling out a black harness with a silver, carrot-sized cylindrical object attached to it. ‘ I bought this to use on Todd, but when he saw it he freaked and dumped me. So I’m going to use it on someone who can’t say no.’ Vicky thought, steeping into the harness and tightening the straps. ‘ She’s just lucky I got the small one,’

.    Tootie was sobbing into the sheets when she felt two hands spread the cheeks of her ass. She heard vicky mutter something about “ lubrication “ and felt something warm and wet sliding around her butt hole. She snuck a peek behind her and saw Vicky’s face was buried between her cheeks. “ Eww, Vicky, stop it,” Tootie sobbed, thinking that Vicky was going to make her do that next. She would throw up if she had to lick her asshole, it didn’t matter if Vicky threatened her or not.
.    Tootie screwed up her eyes as she felt Vicky’s tongue leave her butt. She thought she knew what was going to happen.

.    Vicky placed the tip of the dildo to her sister’s asshole. Rubbed it on the spit covered hole, back and forth, then pushed forward with her hips. As the dildo was shoved rudely into the little girl, she let out a scream. “ Ow, it hurts, take it out, please,” Tootie cried out. This just caused Vicky to plunge it deeper.

.    Tootie screamed in protest as the strappon inched its way inside. At last Vicky’s pelvis came in contact with Tootie’s butt. She reached down and flicked on the vibrating function. It hummed into life, causing Tootie to spasmodically scream and struggle weakly beneath her much bigger sister.

.    Vicky let out a wild scream of triumph as an orgasm unlike any other rocked her body. The innocent screams of her sister drove her to higher and higher heights. Finally she peaked, and her pussy spewed liquid all over the dildo, her sisters ass, and her own thighs.  

.    Tootie just gibbered beneath her now, having just been sodomized by her sister, she was more or less out of it. Vicky slid the silver instrument out of her sister, it was streaked with brown tinged with red. She loosened the straps and let it fall. “ Thanks for the fuck squirt. You better have this place clean by the time I get out of the shower.” She leaned close to Tootie’s ear and whispered something  Timmy couldn’t hear. Tootie began bawling even louder, and Vicky left her there.

.     And what was it she said? “ I’m sure that Timmy will like to have his ass fucked just like you,”

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