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The title character and main character of the series. While training with his father at the Jusenkyo training grounds in China, Ranma was thrown into the Spring of Drowned Girl. According with the spring's curse, he emerged as a young lady. When splashed with hot water, he changes back into a man. However, when splashed with cold water, he turns into the red-headed girl again. Martial arts is the 16-year-old hero/heroine's life. Whenever his pride is damaged, Ranma will go to great lengths to rectify the situation. He can come across as petty, overconfident, insensitive and arrogant, as he is prone to cheat or give insults, often acts out of unthinking selfishness, and is a frequent braggart. However, much of the above is caused by awkward immaturity. Ranma has an extreme fear of cats resulting from when his father trained him in the dangerous 'Cat Fu' technique. If Ranma is isolated with a cat in a very small space, or when he can no longer cope with his fear of cats, he begins behaving like a cat himself and becomes a master of the 'Cat Fu'. He loves Akane deeply but refuses to admit his feeling for her, pretending that he doesn't care about her. He and Akane drift closer throughout the series, each of them going to great lengths to save the other when in trouble. He has several fiances. Including Ukyo, Akane, Shampoo, and Kodachi. He fights with Ryouga because of he also fell into a spring, the spring of a drowned pig. He then becomes Akane's pet.

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