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Keswick works for the T.U.F.F. headquarters as their primary inventor and genius scientist. He is so intelligent that he is able to rig inventions instantaneously with simple materials such as soup cans. He is prone to stuttering and to have spastic attacks such as Mr. Crocker. His teeth are similar to the teeth of Timmy Turner. Keswick's species is left ambiguous and both Dudley and Kitty are still left confused by his various animal traits which might not be limited to: a pouch, gills, webbed feet, and egg laying. Whether there is any significance to "what" Keswick is, his anatomical absurdities has been the highlight of jokes for one episode. It was revealed in "The Doomies" that he's not on good terms with his parents, who wanted him to be a doctor. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.
First Appearance: Purr-fect Partners

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