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Morrigan is a shapeshifting mage, raised and taught by her mother, Flemeth (voiced by ), in the wilds of Ferelden. Her appearance in Dragon Age: Origins was based on a model named Victorria Johnson.
Morrigan joins the player's party early on in the game in the Korcari Wilds shortly after the battle at Ostagar. She is a possible romance option for male players. Morrigan is quick to show her disapproval of actions that benefit only a few people and not the entire party, such as helping a beggar or settling a dispute in Lothering. She tends to take a more sinister approach to life and thus favors more 'evil' options. Aside from leaving because of a low approval rating, Morrigan may also leave the party near the end of the game before the slaying of the Archdemon. She reveals that a Grey Warden need not die in order to slay the Archdemon as long as he, Your Character, Alistair or Loghain (if he has replaced Alistair) impregnates Morrigan with a child, who will then carry the soul of the Old God upon its death and thus save the Grey Warden who dealt the final death blow. If the player refuses to sleep with Morrigan (or is female) and does not ask Alistair/Loghain to do the deed, she will become infuriated and thus leave for good. Morrigan's storyline is concluded in the September 2010 release 'Witch Hunt.'
Morrigan's personal quest involves a search for Flemeth's Grimoire, a book of spells and secrets of which Morrigan intends to learn from. The player is tasked with the slaying of Flemeth, who, according to Morrigan, is a demon who gave birth to daughters only to then take over their bodies and thus live on as if immortal. Upon Flemeth's death and the completion of the quest, Morrigan appreciates the effort and may even offer for the player (males only) to 'join her in her tent.' Morrigan is the main focus of DLC "Witch Hunt".

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