Darth Maul

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Darth Maul was a during the . As of , he was taken at an early age to be in the ways of the . In , Sidious gave Maul his : put the criminal organization in disarray. Maul carried out this task perfectly, dealing the group a grievous blow.

In , the Invasion of Naboo began. Set up by the Dark Lord with the aid of his apprentice, the goal was to get Sidious, as Palpatine, elected of the . After , of the Naboo, escaped, Maul was dispatched to follow her. He found her on , where he had a short but intense duel with the . Later, Maul was sent to Naboo, where he fought Jinn and his , . Though he killed the Jedi Master, he underestimated Kenobi’s skill and was slain by the Padawan. Sidious would quickly replace Maul with a more powerful apprentice: the late Qui-Gon Jinn's fallen former master , dubbed as Darth Tyranus.

In , and defeated a or of Maul created by the , possibly under orders from Sidious. Maul believed that he could easily defeat Vader and serve under the once more. However, he was eventually slain by the fallen .

Maul was a master of , , and , with training in . Maul chose to wield a red-bladed in .

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