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The series centers on Timmy Turner, a young boy who is neglected by his parents and tortured by his babysitter, Vicky. One day, he is granted two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, who grant his every wish to improve his miserable life. However, these wishes inadvertently causing problems that Timmy must fix. In the beginning of the series, Timmy's babysitter Vicky was the main antagonist. As the series progressed, more villains were added. For example, his teacher, Mr. Crocker, firmly believes in fairy godparents and has been searching for them a very long time, correctly suspecting that Timmy has fairy godparents. He is dangerous to Timmy because, according to "Da Rules", a large rulebook that defines what children can and cannot wish for and how fairy godparents must behave, no one else can know about his fairy godparents, or else they will be taken away from him (although he does not remember, Cosmo and Wanda were once Crocker's fairy godparents, as the rule does not apply to people who currently have their own or once had fairy godparents).

At his school, Timmy is often bullied by Francis, a vicious boy who claims to be the toughest student in school, but reveals to Timmy that he only takes out his anger on him because of his rough home life and abusive parents, proving he is somewhere in-between as a protagonist and an antagonist. Jorgen Von Strangle, an enormous and tough fairy with an Austrian accent, often described like Arnold Schwarzenegger, personally dislikes Timmy and his fairies, but often has to assist them in fixing their problems.

Later in the series, Timmy wished that Cosmo and Wanda would have a baby, whom they later named Poof. More recently, Timmy got a pet fairy dog named Sparky. For every fairy, there is also an anti-fairy. The anti-fairies are similar to the real ones, but with opposite personalities and character traits. For example, Anti-Cosmo is intelligent and speaks with an English accent while real Cosmo is dim-witted. Similarly, Anti-Wanda is also dim-witted and speaks with a Southern American accent while Wanda is intelligent. When Poof was born, his anti-fairy was created. Anti-Poof's name is Foop (Poof spelled backwards). While Poof is a sphere in body-shape, Foop is instead shaped like a cube. Foop's goal in life is to cause mayhem and destroy his nemesis Poof.

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