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Cats Don't Dance is a 1997 American animated musical film, notable as the only fully animated feature produced by Turner Entertainment's feature animation unit (later merged into Warner Bros. Animation, Turner Feature Animation had also produced the animated portions of The Pagemaster in 1994). The film was distributed by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment. Set in a world where human beings and anthropomorphic animals live side-by-side, it focuses on a cat named Danny who wants to break into show business in Hollywood.

Danny, an optimistic cat, dreams of Hollywood stardom, so he travels from Kokomo, Indiana to Hollywood in hopes of starting a career there. He is selected by Farley Wink to feature in a film called Little Ark Angel that is in production alongside a cat named Sawyer. Upon meeting Tillie, Cranston, Frances, and T.W., he is dismayed on learning how minor his role is and tries to weasel his way into more time in the limelight. Danny winds up angering Darla Dimple, a popular, extremely spoiled child actress and star of the film, so she assigns her Valet Max to intimidate Danny into no longer trying to enlarge his part.

Danny learns from the studio's mascot Woolie the Mammoth that human actors are normally given more important roles than animals, a fact that none of them are very happy with but know they must accept. Danny, however, longs for the spotlight and tries to make a plan that will encourage humans to provide animal actors with better parts — such as by assembling a massive cluster of animals and putting on a musical performance for the humans.

Later, he is given advice by Darla Dimple (while masking her true villainous personality with a sweet one as she always does) through song on how to interest and satisfy audiences. Danny takes this information to heart and groups the animals for another performance in hopes of attracting the humans' attention. However, Darla, fearing that the animals are jeopardizing her spotlight, has Max help her flood Mammoth Studios while the head of Mammoth Studios L.B. Mammoth and the film's director Flanagan is giving an interview, getting the animals blamed and fired by L.B. Mammoth and Flanagan. Everybody is depressed at being barred from acting in Mammoth Studios (especially Danny who was convinced by Darla that she was trying to help the animals). Woolie just tells Danny to go home since their plans are now over. As Danny plans to leave for home, Cranston, Frances, and T.W. blame Danny for ruining their plans while Tillie suggests to Sawyer to find Danny.

After a comment from the bus driver and seeing Pudge wander the streets, Danny comes up with a plan for attracting the humans' attention yet again. Danny invites Sawyer, her friends, and Woolie to the premiere of Lil' Ark Angel. After the screening and a battle with Max that sends him flying away on a Darla Dimple balloon, Danny calls the audience's attention. Upon Sawyer, Woolie, and Tillie bringing Cranston, Frances, and T.W. backstage to help Danny, the eight animals put on a musical performance that entertains and impresses its viewers. Meanwhile, Darla attempts to sabotage the show by tampering with the set and special effects equipment, but her attempts either enhance the show or cause her to injure herself. Maddened with frustration, she tries to ruin the show by pulling a big switch, but this sets off an enormous fireworks finale, making the animals' performance a complete success.

Furious at the animals, Darla berates Danny for trying to attract the focus away from her and then unintentionally confesses to flooding Mammoth Studios and framing the animals. Darla's screaming is picked up and amplified by a nearby microphone, revealing the truth about the "accident" to the audience including L.B. Mammoth and Flanagan. Embarrassed, Darla tries to regain her fame by hugging Danny (like the fan that she hugged earlier) until Pudge pulls a lever sending her down a trap door. Max was last seen flying by France in the runaway balloon. At last, the animals' demands for larger roles are met and their dreams are fulfilled after so long.

There is a montage of film poster parodies which put the main animals in roles. It is revealed afterwards that Darla is now working as a janitor for her punishment. She puts up a "The End" poster on a wall and it falls down and wraps around her.

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